Senior Projects

Attendees of Senior Project night look at one of many projects.

Its that time of year. It’s May, spring has finally arrived, and the class of 2019 is getting ready to graduate. Essays written, tests taken and the Senior projects completed. The accumulative sigh of relief can almost be heard across the valley.

As part of the graduating requirements for Bear Lake High School, students must complete a Senior Project. The State Board Of Education requires all seniors to meet this requirement. The project must be an idea of their own, and it must contain a service element. Students are encouraged to look for a need in the community, at the schools or to look for a population that is being underserved. Once they have decided on a need that they would like to address they can begin the requirement process. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor that will encourage and help them through the process from start to finish.

There are six requirements for Senior Projects.

Proposal- An outline of what the student has chosen to do.

Time card- Each project must be a minimum of 30 hours.

Project Paper- An essay that explains and reflects on the experience

Sign off the sheet- Assigned faculty will sign off on the project

Portfolio- A student-designed portfolio describing the project

Open House- Each student will display their project in a booth

Bear Lake High School held the open house for the senior 2019 graduating class projects on Thursday, May 2nd. All of the seniors were in attendance and showcased their projects. Some of the projects featured were: 4-H Growing Leaders, service/updating projects at the High School, organization projects, Food Pantry service projects, construction projects, theatre room projects, Diaper drive, fundraising projects, sports projects and much more. Many citizens from the community attended the open house, got the chance to view the Senior Projects and speak with the students. Students were eager to explain the process and show what they completed. It was an informative and exciting evening for all.

The component of having the senior projects be service related not only benefited the community but gave the students the experience of noticing needs in a community, how to address those needs and how to make a difference. It gave the students a sense of accomplishment and pride. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Gandhi

Students were asked how they gained from this experience and how they felt about helping others. It was a time for personal reflection for each student. Graduation is a time of many changes, but the impact of these Senior Projects will be felt long after the students graduate.

Thank you, class, of 2019 Bear Lake High School, for the legacy you leave this community. Chasing a dream requires effort, passion, and hard work. Keep it up and continue to strive. Congratulations on graduating!