Sept. 15 Ladies Golf

Cyndie Birch, Leslie Talbot, Connie Hymas & Erika Thompson

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Eight women “rolled” into Montpelier Golf Course on September 15 for Ladies Day. Small in number but large in enthusiasm, they split into two teams and played a scramble called “Just Rollin’ Along”. Each team was given a die, told to number themselves as players (1, 2, 3 & 4), and given instructions on the day’s play.

At the tee box each player hit their drive shot – everything’s normal so far. After the drive shots were driven, the “rollin’” began. The die was shaken, talked to, blown upon, and sent “rollin’ along” to determine which drive would be used. If the die presented a 1, 2, 3, or 4, the drive of the player with that number was used. If a 5 was thrown, ‘Wo, Wo, Wo’ their shortest drive had to be used, but ‘Oh Happy Day’ if a 6 came up because the team would go “just rollin’ along” to their longest drive.

Both teams claimed their “rollin” skills left a lot to be desired as they seemed to roll the number of the team’s worst drive every time! It must have been true as only one point separated their higher than normal final scores. With a score of 40 the team of Cyndie Birch, Connie Hymas, Leslie Talbot and Erika Thompson “just rolled along” into first place; “rollin’” over the score of 41 for Marsha Sortor, Jana Hansen, Rachel Tarbet and Linda Arnell.

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