Sept. 22 Ladies Golf

Jana Hansen, Rachel Tarbet and Marsha Sortor

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Bye, bye summer and hello autumn! The first day of autumn arrived with freezing temperatures, but seven women braved the cool morning temperature to participate in one of our final Ladies Days. They formed two teams and played a scramble called “Oldie Goldies”. Surely that referred to the summer days just ended or a song hit list from the past and not to our ladies – but oh no, we had to disclose our ages. Then the numbers in the oldest team member’s age were added together — Judi’s 80 became 8 and Marsha’s 74 became 11 – sorry ladies, now everyone knows! Those totals would then be subtracted from the team score at the end of play.

Providing a little “Oldie Goldie” entertainment, one of the women stepped onto the tee box on hole three and proceeded to put her tee in the ground only to discover she was about to put the pencil from the cart in for her tee. That’s definitely not the WRITE tee Judi!! Her team shared a good laugh as she WRITED her mistake!

The teams came in with scores of 37 and 38, but after the “Oldie Goldie” adjustment, the 38 minus 11 became 27 to beat the score of 37 minus 8 which became 29. This “rejuvenated” the team of Rachel Tarbet, Jana Hansen and Marsha Sortor and had them celebrating their “youthfulness” along with the first place winnings, and left the team of Judi Naylor, Polly Dahlke, Connie Hymas, and Linda Arnell “feeling their age” in second.

It was a beautiful day for golf – cool at first, warm enough to shed jackets, and with the arrival of a cool breeze, the jackets were donned again – but overall a glorious first day of autumn! Hopefully next week the fall temperatures will allow us to enjoy our last Ladies Day of the year.

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