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A special meeting of the Bear Lake County Commissioners was held on Monday, September 21, 2020, with all three commissioners in attendance. They were assisted by Deputy Clerk Amy Bishop. Commissioner Jensen moved to approve the agenda as published and Commissioner Payne seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

With a short introduction by Deputy Clerk Bishop and a brief discussion among the commissioners as they compared the fiscal year 1999-2020 levies versus those under consideration for fiscal year 2020-2021, the commissioners noted several levies were slightly higher such as Montpelier and St. Charles while the School District, Georgetown and most cemetery districts showed slightly lower levies from the current fiscal year to the upcoming year.

Upon completion of the commissioners’ review, Commissioner Payne moved and Commissioner Jensen seconded a motion to approve the levies as presented and it received a unanimous vote of approval.

As a brief aside, the commissioners acknowledged that the triathalon held over the weekend had encountered rather difficult weather conditions, describing it as “the worst day ever” for the event, and that an outhouse had been seen along the roadway afterward, likely having fallen off the vehicle removing them following the race.

Mr. Mitch Poulsen, County Planning and Zoning Administrator, presented the commissioners with information regarding the Prairie Dreams Subdivision located at the intersection of Cemetery Road and Dingle Road in Dingle. He explained that the developer had progressed through the steps to be in a position for approval of the final plat. Mr. Poulsen advised that the subdivision had a long history beginning in 2018 and had received a positive recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission during its recent meeting. The subdivision had come before the Planning and Zoning Commission during April 2020. At that time, the Planning and Zoning Commission requested changes to the road configuration off of Dingle Road due to such concerns as proximity to the roadway and the desire to have a larger buffer. The developer had modified the plat to alleviate those concerns by repositioning the road in a fashion that showed Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8 to be served by an interior, private road built to county standards. At this time, of the eight lots in the subdivision which are each approximately 11 acres in size, Lot 2 will be accessed via Dingle Road and Lot 3 can front on either Dingle Road or the subdivision’s interior, private road. Consideration had been given to the neighbor’s water wells, irrigation ditches and additional matters which arose during the Planning and Zoning Commission’s processes.

Commissioner Payne inquired about protections for surrounding, existing wells when the owners of new subdivision in the subdivision begin building. Mr. Poulsen explained the well driller is expected to drill deeper than surface water and that the current wells in the area will be protected by priority rights. Other issues were discussed including structures built on the edge of the right of way, septic systems which will be regulated through the Health Department after percolation tests are conducted to

ascertain the soil composition along with house sizes factored into the amount of drain required for each lot, and utility installation of fiberoptics.

After considering the subdivision and based upon the positive recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission, Commissioner Jensen moved and Commissioner Payne seconded that the final plat be approved based upon an engineering review of the infrastructure and attendant costs. The motion passed unanimously.

Under Idaho Code 74-206(1)(a), an executive session was unanimously approved by the commissioners to discuss “hiring a public officer . . . to be evaluated in order to fill a particular vacancy.” It was stated the commissioners would be interviewing for the position of public defender during the executive session but would not reconvene to consider additional public meeting topics thereafter. According to Deputy County Clerk Bishop, there were two candidates for the county public defender position.

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