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News from the Bear River Rifleman. The last few weeks we have had one shooting event,”Kill COVID-19”. Members could download the target off of our web site, bearriverrifleman, and then at their own pace and pleasure, take seven shots at seven circles, and send a picture of their target back to me. We had several shooters from 74 years young to 7 years old. Best score was 5 out of the 7 possible. Believe that everyone had a good time.

Work is starting to move along with the range. Still, we have some that want to destroy the target banks and leave their mess for others to clean up. So sad people are like that.

We have started to level the range out and make new back stop berms, for the 25 and 50 yard range. New signage will be going up, the southend is mainly for Pistol shooters. We have 5 steel targets hanging off of an old swing set, again these are for pistol caliber only, PLEASE, and for those that have not learned yet, .223 and 5.56 are not pistol calibers. They will ruin these steels a lot sooner than the life span that we should get out of them. The north end is for rifles and long guns, unless you are sighting in pistols for long range. There are some reactive steel targets down range, PLEASE, do not use armor piercing ammo at those, they will last a lot longer.

We are building new rail racks, to put reactive steel targets on, to shoot the steel silhouette chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams. Still have some fabricating to go on with those yet, but they are coming along.

The biggest disappointment so far, is the fact that COVID-19 took out some of the earth work we were planning on to get a shooting distance of 600 — 750 yards. Maybe next year the market will improve and that work can be accomplished. If not, we are working on grants so that we can rent the equipment needed to start working on that goal.

There is a spot we are working on to be able to bring a Port-a-Potty in on. Our hopes are to leave it at the range, but the last time that was done, some thought it was cute to shoot it to pieces. If that happens to this one, we will put it on a trailer and haul it up only when we are having a shooting event.

Got a bid on one that is brick, like the ones at the Soda Springs range and the parking lot at the top of Emigration canyon. The starting price for now, was $26,000.00, will be awhile before we can get a grant like that.

Right now, we have some great members that are fabricating frames, moving a lot of dirt and a super job of patching things back together. Just wish the ones blowing it apart would pitch in and help make this a super range.

Craig Bunn still has some tickets for a Super 10/22 we are raffling off, only 200 tickets will be sold, and as soon as that happens we will draw the winning ticket for this really cool 10/22.

We are going to try for some evening shoots, now that it is light longer.

Also, Soda Springs has started a youth shooting group, and asked if Montpelier had enough interest that we could compete with their group.

The youth shoot, what is called a Steel Rimfire Challenge, all .22Lr. The older kids shoot both pistols and rifles, while the younger group just shoot the rifle.

The targets and range set up is for all, very easy. It is set up so that at least 90% of all shooters should be able to hit 90% of the targets. It is a timed event, so you can compete basically against yourself. The challenge is made to have fun and to learn safe and practical ways of enjoying the shooting sport.

We will try to get a course set up and let everyone know the date and time to see if there is enough interest in getting a team put together. Generally you practice as a team at least once in a two week period, and then have a match once in the next two week period. Date and time will be announced when we can get things together.

So come on up, see what we are doing. Enjoy the range, please respect the range. If you haul it up, haul it out, or at least clean it up and put it in the garbage cans so it can be hauled to the landfill.

This is a Bear Lake County property range, managed by a non-profit organization. If you wish to vandalize it, you can be prosecuted for destruction of county property.

Be wise, Be safe. Others enjoy this range also.

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