Stephanie Parrish

Stephanie Parrish

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Stephanie Parrish broadcasts an internet-based radio show called the “Vitality Health Show.” The show is part of the Voice America Network, which is the number one internet-based radio network in the United States boasting 3.9 million listeners a week. Stephanie, herself, is building a pretty good audience with her show, which she has been doing now for six months.

Her “Vitality Health Show” is broadcast live on Thursday mornings at 11 a.m. MST, podcasts of her shows are available at any time, and she posts recordings of her shows on her Facebook channel. Her show can also be found on, or she can be contacted at for a copy.

The mission of Stephanie’s show is to educate and inspire listeners regarding the best alternative therapies and health solutions available for the mind, body, and spirit, and her philosophy is that if you put the right tools in the body God gave you, your body knows what to do with it. With the technology available today, alternative medicine is rapidly emerging as the best approach for many health problems people struggle with, and that is what Stephanie offers.

Every week, Stephanie has different guests on her show from all around the world. Some are representing different vitamins, herbs, or supplements, and some have written books about their healing journey. Her next show, which will be Thursday, Feb. 25, will feature Dr. Michael Peltzman, who experienced microcirculation therapy with the Avacen machine from Stephanie and will tell of his journey of healing and his return to work at his own clinic.

Stephanie has many inspiring stores of individuals who have had a wonderful healing journey through her particular therapy, much like Dr. Peltzman.

Stephanie has been in the health and wellness industry for eight years. She is an internationally certified hyperbaric oxygen therapist, internationally certified PBMT therapist (light therapy), and an internationally certified microcirculation therapist (Avacen device). She has had a great deal of high-end training from some of the world’s most amazing doctors and physicians. She uses this training and knowledge, along with oils and different supplements, to help the body, spirit, and mind.

Stephanie has had a good deal of her own clinical experience. She opened “Vibrant You Hyperbaric Oxygen” in Alberta, Canada, and that clinic was open for three years. She then moved to St. George and opened a clinic there for five years. She has helped thousands of people rebuild their health and enjoy a higher quality of life.

She says when COVID-19 hit, God told her she needed to close the clinic in St. George and take her message of hope and healing to a larger audience. That’s when she was approached by Voice America to host the show on their network. That opportunity allows her to to do the show from anywhere, and she chose Bear Lake. She will be opening a small hyperbaric clinic in the very near future in Montpelier as well as continuing to broadcast her “Vitality Health Show” worldwide from Bear Lake County.

Stephanie and her husband, Ken, have been married for two years and are temporarily living in Paris. They are planning to purchase a home in Montpelier soon. She has six children from a former marriage and 11 grandchildren. Stephanie is originally from Pocatello.

Stephanie has been fortunate to experience a great deal of exciting things in her life. She was an exchange student to Australia when in high school and had the opportunity to be Miss Pocatello and compete on the Miss America line. She has been an actress and performed in 25 Disney movies as well as multiple commercials, TV shows, and other movie productions. Stephanie was a dance teacher and owned a dance studio for 30 years, as well as performed, sang, and danced all around the world. She was in hotel management for some time, and she and her former husband owned a real estate appraisal company in Idaho Falls for a number of years.

Stephanie is known as “The Voice of Hope and Healing,” and she has come by this through hard work and proven success. Listen to her internet radio show, the “Vitality Health Show,” for inspiration, and visit her new clinic, which will be coming to Montpelier soon.

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