possible wolf_roadkill

A suspected wolf was accidentally killed by a motorist in Franklin County in the early morning hours of June 19, 2020.

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In the early morning hours on Friday, June 19, a Franklin County resident accidentally hit and killed a large canid with his vehicle on Highway 36 between Williams Creek and the parking lot at Emigration Summit. Suspecting the deceased animal was a wolf, the motorist quickly reported the incident to Nathan Stohosky, Senior Conservation Officer for Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Stohosky says that the 82-pound animal appears to be a gray wolf—an older female with worn teeth. However, based on a few of its characteristics, the possibility the animal is a hybrid cannot be ruled out. An examination did not reveal any tattoos on the animal’s gums or ears which is required of wolf hybrids owned as pets. Tissue samples were collected and have been sent to a lab for genetic testing to enable positive identification of the animal.

The motorist was allowed to keep the road-killed animal per Fish and Game’s salvage rules which require individuals who pick up wildlife roadkill to complete a salvage report.

Gray wolves are classified as a big game species in Idaho. In the Southeast Region, transient wolves are occasionally observed moving through the area. However, based on extensive trail camera surveys, aerial surveys, and information collected from hunters, there have been no established wolf packs or breeding pairs documented by Fish and Game in this part of the state.

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