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Mrs Early’s family

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For this month of November, the teacher is Mrs. Early! Mrs. Early was born on October 8th into a family with 6 siblings. She has 3 kids of her own, the oldest is Modoc, then Titan, and the youngest is Stella. She has taught at BLMS for 2 years but has taught for 12 years overall. Mrs. Early says she loves teaching because “it’s entertaining as crud, it’s a blast.” She loves teaching, but a pet peeve she has that comes with teaching is when kids think it’s hard. She says it isn’t that hard and kids are capable of doing well.

The three words that describe Mrs. Early the best are energetic, happy, and goofy. Mrs. Early wants to travel to Africa because she wants to “unrealistically kill an elephant.” She wants to be there, “Jungle Book style.. not die or hold my breath under water.” She has no fear because she has already fallen off a cliff backwards in a car. If Mrs. Early had a time machine and could go to any time period, anywhere in the world, she would go to Jesus for a short period of time because there is no running water... and she doesn’t like flat bread... and she would like real clothes, but she likes Jesus. She says she would go for a “very short pre-set time.” Some things that always makes Mrs. Early smile would be school and family because she loves them both. A guilty pleasure of hers is “crack”... crystal light. Her favorite song artists from her teenage years were Michael Jackson and Joan Jett. One thing she is glad that her mom doesn’t know about her is how many pairs of shoes she owned in high school… as well as how many she has now. Lastly, some advice Mrs. Early would like to give to you middle schoolers is to “ goofy and have fun. Like...go be goofy! Why you gotta’ be so mature? You’re 13.. Stop! But don’t pick your nose, that’s gross!”

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