Steadman Family

Tee and Daysha Steadman with their children, Calgary and Nevada Jo.

Tee Steadman of Georgetown was just recently sworn in as the newest council member of the Georgetown City Council. According to Tee, he was approached and asked about running for the position, and he thought it would be a good way to be active in the community; that there is no better time than when you have kids involved in things in the community, so he agreed. He says he has a lot to learn, but he picks things up pretty fast. When asked why he wants to be on the council, he said he’s not a politician; he’s not going to blow smoke, he is who he is.

Tee was born and raised in Grace, Idaho. He graduated from Grace High School where he was involved in rodeo, football, and basketball.

Tee is married to Daysha Hulme of Paris. She is the daughter of Chad and Robin Hulme. Together they have two children, Nevada Joe (6) and Calgary (2). They love to spend time on the ranch doing anything outdoors such as riding horses and working on the ranch. They are happy whatever they’re doing as long as it’s active.

Tee and Daysha have a couple of businesses. They have owned and operated Steadman Fencing for about eight years. That business does fencing and weed spraying. They are also owners in the family ranch. According to Tee, in the winter months, they take care of the ranch and in the spring they calve cows. When the winter months are over, things start getting busy between the ranch and fencing. The main thing he wanted to do by being involved with the ranch is to be with his family. He says that the fencing company is a good way of income to have the way of life of the ranch but have some free time to do more as a family.

According to Tee, Daysha is the backbone of everything they do, whether it’s the business side, manual work, or just being a mother or a good friend. He says she keeps them all in line. Daysha also works at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital as a lab technician.

Tee is very much a family man; he loves his wife and kids. He loves to spend time with them doing things on the ranch or just being together. He does love to hunt, but he says he is entertained by their work. He says they love what they do, so they don’t have to have any other entertainment.

Tee will make a good addition to the Georgetown City Council. It’s always good to have someone like him on a city council; someone with good family values who loves his family. He will likely support good family values in the town as well. He’s a good businessman, which also means he is likely to support businesses and businessmen and women. We wish him well in his new position.

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