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Bear Lake County School Board held its regular meeting on March 9.

The Board held a work meeting where Dave Brinkman from the Idaho School Board Association reviewed Continuous Improvement Plans and made the Plan a working document.

The regular board meeting started at 6:30 p.m. After the meeting’s regular business and approving $30,293.37 in bills to be paid, the Board heard from the Superintendent. He asked the Board to consider the need for a new sound system that would allow better audio if meetings continued to be Zoomed. The Board suggested different options, and the costs will be presented at the meeting next month.

The Board had a presentation from some of the Cheer team who are headed to State later this month. They thanked the Board for their support and for allowing them to participate in this event. The Cheer team was part of the What’s Right report. There were congratulations to the boy’s and girl’s ball teams for their performance at State.

The Board then moved to Action Items. The first item was the 2021-2022 School Calendar. The District had published the first day of school to be Aug. 25. The Fair Board was present at the meeting and requested that the School Board delay the first day of school until Aug. 30. The Fair Board was unable to get judges for several of the events for the week earlier. The Fair Board also explained that as the years progress, the fair gets earlier and earlier. Due to COVID-19, there is an opportunity to reset the fair dates to match the growing season better and give the animals as much time as possible to mature. The only other date available to them this year would be in July, and that would not work for the community or the livestock program. The School Board looked at all possible solutions, and it was finally decided that even though there will be a lot of work that has to be redone for high school registration, the date will be moved to the Aug. 30. The teachers will still start on the Aug. 23 as previously scheduled. Two days of school will need to be made up during the year. There will probably be a Friday school day during the winter and then one other day.

The Fair Board thanked the School Board for their cooperation.

The next item was the announcement that Colby Romrell had resigned from the Board. His position needs to be filled. Whoever fills it will be up for election in November. The Board accepted the resignation and approved the placement of an ad for a new Board member.

The next item, F-3, was Approval or Denial of the Negotiated Agreement. The Board approved the changes to the Agreement.

F-4 was the Approval or Denial of the Salary Schedules. The Board approved the Schedule.

F-5 was to Approve or Deny the Surplus Items. The Board approved the Surplus Items.

F-6 The Board approved the Additional Audit Engagement Letter that is needed due to the COVID-19 money.

F-7 was the Return to School Plan. The Board made no to the Plan.

F-8 The Board approved the 2020-2021 Addendum Contract due date of Mar. 22.

F-9 was approved for Policy #7800 Procurement Procedures for Food Services Authority.

F-10 The Board approved their final reading of Policy #2435 Advanced Opportunities Participation Form.

F-11 The Board approved Policy #7400P3, Requirements and Restrictions for Procurement Under a Federal Award Competition.

F-12 The Board approved the first reading of Policy #3060 Education of a Homeless Child.

The Board moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 p.m.

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