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Announcing her retirement after serving 7 years as the Bear Lake County Clerk, Cindy Garner delivered her letter of resignation to the County Commissioners on Monday, January 10th.

Her last day in office will be February 25, 2022. Citing her desire to move on to more family time, she expressed appreciation for the years she has served as County Clerk and thanked the Commissioners and citizens for their support and trust. Ms. Garner also strongly recommended Chief Deputy Clerk Amy Bishop as a nominee when the Republican Central Committee considers the three individuals they will advance to the County Commissioners to undertake the office. Using the three names provided, the Commissioners will make an appointment to fill the position until the next general election. With mixed emotions, Ms. Garner read her letter aloud and thanked the Commissioners again for their support, a sentiment that was repeated to Ms. Garner by the Commissioners for a job well done.

Tendering a letter dated January 6, 2022, Joseph Hayes, who assumed office as County Prosecuting Attorney in January 2021, submitted his resignation effective immediately. He added he had been honored to have been elected and was privileged to serve with other dedicated public officials.

The Prosecutor’s resignation ends a period of several months during which Mr. Hayes was unavailable to act as Prosecutor then requested Adam McKenzie of Franklin County be appointed as Chief Deputy. In response to that request during December, the Commissioners appointed McKenzie as Chief Deputy, allowing the Prosecutor’s Office to be represented in court and other venues such as Commissioners’ meetings. At the suggestion of Sheriff Heslington and Judge Garbett, the Commissioners considered immediate appointment to fill the office but opted to contact the Idaho State Bar and to ask for candidates via a newspaper advertisement in the Idaho State Journal. While the matter carried a sense of urgency, the Commissioners wished to proceed in a manner that allowed as many persons as are qualified to give notice of their interest in the position. A special meeting will be held on January 24 to consider the matter and make plans to move forward as quickly as possible. Consideration will be given whether to make an appointment for a shorter period than the end of the departing prosecutor’s term in the event there is difficulty encountered with the appointee.

Adam McKenzie stated he was interested in the position and will continue as Chief Deputy Prosecutor while the search is conducted for a new prosecutor. Another attorney and former resident of the county, Steven Wuthrich, alerted contemporaries of his willingness to return to the county and become the prosecuting attorney, a position he held in prior years.

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