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The unofficial results for Bear Lake’s voting are as follows. The 1st Montpelier Precinct gave 402 votes for Donald Trump and 49 votes for Joe Biden with two votes for Kanye West, three for Jo Jorgensen, two for Rocky De La Fuente, and one for Don Blankenship.

The 2nd Montpelier Precinct gave 336 for Trump over 50 for Biden and one for Kanye West, a whopping six for Jo Jorgensen, and three for Don Blankenship.

The 3rd Montpelier Precinct voted for Trump over Biden 301 to 53 while giving one vote to Kanye West, two votes to Brock Pierce, and two votes to Don Blankenship.

The Bloomington Precinct voted Donald Trump over Joe Biden 139 to 12 with two people voting for Jo Jorgensen and one for Rocky De La Fuente.

In the Dingle Precinct, Trump won over Biden 123 to 15, with one person voting for Don Blankenship.

In the Fish Haven and Geneva/Pegram Precincts, Trump took Biden 142 to 45 and 91 to 4, respectively, with one person voting for Kanye West in the Fish Haven Precinct.

In the Georgetown Precinct, 362 voted for Donald Trump, and 32 voted for Joe Biden, with one voting for Jo Jorgensen and one voting for Don Blankenship.

The Liberty Precinct voted Donald Trump 93 to Joe Biden 8 with one vote for Brock Pierce.

The vote was 260 for Trump over 18 for Biden in the Paris Precinct with a whopping 8 votes for Jo Jorgensen, and the St. Charles Precinct voted 135 for Trump with 14 for Biden and two for Jo Jorgensen, with an additional 2 for Kanye West.

The Bailey Creek Precinct had a vote of 80 for Donald Trump and a vote of 9 for Joe Biden, and two voted for Joe Jorgensen.

The Ovid/Lanark Precinct finished off with a vote of 109 for Trump and nine for Biden with one lonely vote for Kanye West.

The unofficial total for all 10 precincts is 2,814 votes for Donald J. Trump, 350 for Joseph R. Biden, 25 for Jo Jorgensen, 8 for Don Blankenship, 4 for Rocky De La Fuente, and 3 for Brock Pierce.

In Bear Lake County on a State level in the United States Senator race, Natalie M. Fleming (I) received a total of 91 votes, Paulette Jordan (D) received 355 votes, Jim Risch (R) 2801 votes, and Ray Writz (Con) received 41 votes.

For the United State Representative position Idaho Sierra Law (Lib) 41 votes, Pro-Life (Con) 63 votes, Mike Simpson (R) 2880 and C. Arron Swisher (D) 309. For the Constitutional Amendment HJR 4, Yes 2384, and No 817 total votes.

For the Idaho District 32 Senator Mark Harris (R) received 2975 votes, Representative A, Marc Gibbs (R), received 2979 votes, for Representative B, Chad Christensen (R) received 2821 votes and Bill Leake (D) received 397 vote.

In the County Commissioner race Bradley D. Jensen (R), received 3073 votes, and Rex L. Payne (R), received 3013 votes. For County Sheriff Bart Heslington (R), received 3107 votes, and Joseph R. Hayes (R) received 2991 votes. The School Bond in School District 150 which was only voted on by Bailey Creek and Georgetown, 69 In favor of and 30 Against. For the total County, Number of voters was 4006, with 3651 being register by the cutoff date, and 355 registering on Election Day. The total number of votes cast was 3315 votes which gave us 84 percent of the voters voting. The community with the highest turnout was Bern at 94 total registered, and 92 votes cast, for a 97.7 percent turnout. This was the highest turnout the County has ever had.

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