Bear Lake High Football Field

Bear Lake Bear’s redone football field.

It’s a cool crisp fall evening. Families huddle together on blanket lined bleachers. There is an excitement in the air, making the cold almost unnoticeable. The talk, in the form of cold white puffs, is about the rival team and how they will be defeated. Bragging rights are up for grabs! The young men hit the field, and the spectators go wild! These young men are playing the game, the game of high school football. They play for the love of the game, the love of their hometown, and the love of their High School.

The Bears, of Bear Lake High School, are the boys we cheer on each year during football season. It is a time-honored tradition that brings our little community together. Each year the community and High School look forward to a great season. There are many factors in what makes for a great football season. The player’s commitment to the coach and the team. The grueling practices and academic achievements all play a part. Not thought of often is the condition of the playing field. The condition of the playing field is a crucial element that needs to be considered and revisited often.

This year Bear Lake High School had the football field re-finished and brought up to standard. Justin Jacobson, of Jacobson Mountain Landscaping, performed the work. A thorough assessment of the field was made to help identify the fields needs and the cost. Once the plan was presented and ultimately approved, the work began. The initial bid did not include enough dirt to finish the job to the specs that were given. Jacobson went back to the school board with a change order to be able to add the required amount of dirt. The goalposts being installed are all that remains in finishing the field for the 2019/2020 season. Without careful planning and execution, this would not have been possible.

There are many reasons for a High School grass football field to be up to standard. The condition of playing fields affects the way athletes perform as well as affecting a players safety. A good field makes for a consistent playing surface allowing the players to know what to expect each time they come on the field. The prevention of athletic injuries is of the utmost importance. Studies have found that there is a correlation between sports injuries and the quality of a playing field. J.C. Harper, C.A. Moore house, D.V. Waddington, and W.E. Buckley of Penn State University wrote an in-depth article titled Turf Management, Athletic-field Conditions, and Injuries in High School Football. The article addresses this concern.

Schools sometimes opt for an artificial turf field. Artificial turf is unrealistic and too costly for a small community that only uses the field for part of the year. A well-maintained grass field is what is economically feasible for our area. Aside from that, there is something said for playing on a grass field. The feel and smell of playing on natural grass that can, at times, be muddy, but that is part of the experience. Sometimes you just can’t beat good old grass.

Check out the new field this season and cheer on our Bears! Don’t miss any of the games this year! Go to for a complete schedule. The Bear Lake Varsity football team has its first home non- conference game vs. rival school Rich (Randolph, Utah) on Friday, August 30th at 7:00 p.m.

Football, “It’s...turn & face the stars and stripes, it’s fighting back them butterflies. It’s call it in the air alright, yes sir, we want the ball”