Vandi Walker

Vandi Walker

Is it possible to meet someone and instantly know that they are probably the nicest person you will know in your lifetime? That is exactly what it is like when you meet Vandi Walker. There is a presence about her that is humbling.

Vandi is tall with long jet black hair and striking eyes. She has a look that is exotic in appearance yet she is approachable and easy to talk to.

Vandi was born in Afton Wyoming on December 19th, 1984.

She grew up in Fairview and lived in the same house her entire life. She has 4 fun-loving brothers but always wished for a sister, so much so that at one point she went door to door with a bucket to raise money so her parents could adopt a little sister for her. That never quite panned out.

Her brothers, being rambunctious boys kept her life exciting and fun. One summer while they were picking worms for some extra money they dared her to eat a worm. Since they were her brothers and she wanted to be brave like them, she put the worm in her mouth and sucked on it for about a minute before she decided it wasn’t worth it and spit it out.

Vandi’s mother Lynette was a school teacher in Afton and was able to be her teacher in kindergarten. Vandi has always felt that was very special. Her and her mother share a very close bond to this day.

Vandi is married to Chad Walker. They met in Jr. High and became fast friends. They did everything together. Their friendship included going to football games, hiking in the valley, and fishing together. One Saturday morning the hopped into the car, listening to Journey, as they drove to their favorite fishing spot. They didn’t have any luck catching fish so Chad decided to liven things up by daring her to jump in the creek. She told him she would if he would. He grinned and half chuckled “Ok” not thinking she would do it. She let out a mischievous laugh and jumped in, Chad wasn’t far behind. That is the kind of relationship they have shared during their 14 years of marriage.

Vandi was so excited when Chad returned from his mission in Mexico that she drove straight from college to Afton. When she arrived at her parents home Chad was there waiting for her. They were married in the Bountiful Temple on May 27th, 2005.

Education has always been important to her and she considers learning one of her passions. She attended Snow College in Ephraim where she received her associate’s degree. Her education continued at BYU Idaho, in Rexburg where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Vandi is currently a stay at home with her five beautiful children but continues to learn, teach and share her knowledge with others. One of her greatest desires is to help others. She is a mental health advocate and has a deep passion for mental and emotional health. She strives to help teens and adults find the tools and knowledge they need to help them live their best lives.

Vandi and her friend Angie Hunter recently had the opportunity to do a presentation for the faculty at Bear Lake High School on mental and emotional health tools for teens. She was so grateful for the chance to share this very important information with the faculty. Her and Angi feel that this is so valuable to schools and the community.

The most important things in Vandis life are her family, her faith and building beautiful memories. She loves to spend time with her kids and Chad doing the things they love, like camping, swimming, and going to the lake. She said it didn’t really matter what they do. They are always up for anything and have a great time just being together and laughing.

Her advice to her children is to always look for the good in yourself, in others and in life, because you will find it. She supports her children in everything they do and encourages them along the way, building up their self-esteem.

Vandi’s advice to others is to love yourself, and love others because we are all doing the best we can.

If you are not sure how to apply her advice in your life simply look to her as an example. She is quite simply the nicest person you will probably ever know in your lifetime.