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Dear District 32 Constituents,

The House voted on Senate Bill 1204 this week. This vote decided whether to accept the new wave of federal aid money. Idaho is doing just fine; we do not need this money. We have a surplus, as it stands. The bill passed 38-31. The more conservative Republicans voted against it. I certainly voted against it. I have been called one of the most conservative legislators by the press numerous times and I will gladly accept that label.

The main argument is....”Well, if we don’t use it, it will be sent to another state.” This is the justification used to accept it. I don’t tell myself something is wrong, but then it is ok for another reason. As most of you have gathered, I see most things as right or wrong. Taking money from our grandchildren is wrong and now the Idaho Legislature is an accomplice in stealing from our grandchildren.

If these legislators that voted for it don’t believe this money has strings attached...well...I better not say what I really want to say. This is one major reason that states will never be sovereign again. States have given away their sovereignty and become beholden to the federal purse strings. This bill says right in the language that it is borrowed money from our grandchildren. I am not kidding! It says it right in the bill!

I understand the Idaho Fish and Game is planning a 10-day/7-mile gill netting project in June at Bear Lake. I understand they are wanting to take sterile lake trout from the lake to transport them to Stanley Lake. I know many of you are upset about this. I sent an email to a deputy director at the Fish and Game asking for a local public hearing. I will let you know if I hear back from him. If you are opposed to this and wish to sign the petition; a constituent in Bear Lake County constructed an online petition at The petition is titled ‘Stop the gill netting and removal of our lake trout from Bear lake by IDGF!’

I thank the Governor for signing House Bill 377 into law. However, I don’t appreciate his condescending lecture that was attached in his letter. The Governor criticized the House for holding budget bills to get this bill passed and that there has been no proof of Critical Race Theory being taught in Idaho. Riiiiight.

He chastised us for not having faith in Idaho’s education system. Sorry Governor, no I don’t have faith in a state board that hired BSU President Marlene Tromp! Are you kidding me? This is the same president that ushered in white privilege courses, started to segregate graduations by race, social justice classes, and Critical Race Theory. Our state board oversees K-12 in Idaho, not just higher learning. Tromp came from the University of California Santa Cruz. She is as liberal as they come.

After HB 377 was signed, I voted yes for education budgets except for the state dept of education and the state board. We don’t need these liberal entities meddling in our local districts. I would love to defund them and say adios! This would also free up money to pay our teachers.

As it stands, most of our education dollars go to administrative costs. That is wrong.

Here is a link to Governor Little’s letter to us House members.

Teton County is experiencing some serious issues with county commissioner overreach. For example, they are trying to tell citizens how they can construct a fence. For example, it cannot be over a certain height and the bottom slat must be so high above the ground. There are many more issues, but this is an example. The City of Victor is also experiencing serious overreach by their government officials. They are

trying to require that a new Broulims grocery store be open on Sunday and that they cannot underprice another competitor in town regarding certain items. I also understand that the city government is also trying to make them provide an X number of apartments above their store. I will be working with citizens In Teton County to put an end to this overreach.

It is a constant battle trying to push back government overreach. All of us must stay vigilant.

Have a great week! God bless,

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