Barley truck

Logan firefighters and members of the Jenson family salvage barley from an overturned truck near the intersection of 1400 North and 1000 West in Logan on Monday.

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Fifteen tons of barley washed over 1400 North in Logan on Monday afternoon, just before the intersection with 1000 West, when a truck belonging to a family of farmers overturned.

Driver Scott Jenson was injured in the rollover but was walking around the scene after being checked out by paramedics. He had bandages on his forehead and elbow and blood on his shirt and boot. There we no other injuries.

Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen said the barley truck was approaching a traffic light when it turned red, and the vehicle in front of Jenson stopped abruptly. He said Jenson realized he wouldn’t be able to stop in time without hitting the vehicle in front of him, so he tried to make a sharp turn, causing the rollover.

“It’s an unfortunate situation for him as a driver, but it sounds to me like he made a good decision to not hurt people,” Chief Jensen said.

The driver’s brother, Tony Jenson, said his family runs a farm in Logan. His brother was on his way to dump the load of barley at the mill at the IFA when the truck overturned, he said.

“I’m 60 years old, and I’ve farmed since I could walk, and we’ve never tipped a truck over,” Tony Jenson said.

The family estimated the entire truckload of barley was worth $10,000. Some of the dispersed barley spread across the road was contaminated and had to be discarded, family member Natalie Jenson said, but the farmers wanted to salvage what grain they could. Along with Logan firefighters, they shoveled barley out of the damaged truck before a tow truck righted the vehicle.

“We’re just going to try to save what we can, and the other we’ll just have to throw away,” Natalie Jenson said.

Chief Jensen said barley is relatively easy to clean up, and there are no environmental concerns. In addition to receiving superficial injuries, Jensen said the driver may be cited for speeding or following too close. Twitter: @RealSeanDolan

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