Education officials in both Cache and Franklin counties took precautions on Monday after they became aware of a reported threat toward local schools.

According to both Tim Smith, the Cache County School District’s public information officer, and a post from the Logan City School District’s Facebook page, the threat wasn’t to any school in particular.

Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen said his department is in contact with the person who made the threats, however, he did not have information on whether or not an arrest had been made. An email to parents from the Cache County School District states law enforcement officers are monitoring the situation carefully but do not believe there is an imminent danger at this time.

An update Cache County School District emailed to parents later in the day states “the individual in question was taken into custody, interviewed, and due to the fact that there was no crime committed, was released.”

School will continue as scheduled tomorrow, the email states.

The post on Logan’s Facebook page stated Logan elementary schools used “hall check” protocols as a precaution, and the district stated law enforcement officers were present at secondary schools.

“Law enforcement and mental health professionals are aware of the individual (who made the threat) and are taking steps to prevent the individual from causing harm to themselves or others,” the district states.

Smith said the threats came from disclosures that were made by an individual while in therapy and that they were several days old.

Smith said he and his district monitored the situation after the Cache County Sheriff’s office passed the information on to them. Shortly after the Logan School District sent notice to their schools, Smith said Cache followed suit and placed their schools on slightly heightened alert while they continued to work with law enforcement.

According to reports from The Preston Citizen, the Preston School District and law enforcement also took precautionary measures today.

“It is important that the whole community knows that we take school safety very seriously,” Smith said. “If people see something, say something so that we know if there are safety concerns out there.”

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