The Morales Family lost their home and both of their vehicles due to a fire in the early morning of May 1.

A week after a fire engulfed their home and personal belongings, a North Logan family is witnessing their community come together to give them a helping hand.

Rosa Morales and her family escaped the fire 1 a.m. last Wednesday with only the clothes they were wearing. The family lost its home, personal belongings and two vehicles in the fire.

“In like five minutes, to lose everything that we had worked hard for … it broke our hearts,” Morales said. “To have our neighbors to get together and help us, that made it, like — it was priceless.”

The family was able to escape the flames because their son, Angel Morales, came home and saw smoke coming from the home. He quickly woke his parents and two younger brothers to get them outside.

Neighbors gave the family clothes to help them keep warm, according to neighbor Maria Escareno. The neighborhood came together to continue to help the family with clothing donations, furniture and other necessities.

“We’re trying to help them out so they can move on and move forward,” Escareno said. “I know it’ll take time.”

When the news of the fire made it to Greenville Elementary School, where the youngest son, Mario Morales, attends school, fifth grade teacher Cameron Amott said he received many texts from concerned parents asking how they could help the family.

“I think it’s because we have such a tight-knit community,” Amott said. “We feel like we care about each other a lot, and the school is kind of where that all converges and all comes together. And so when we heard that this had happened, we knew that the school would be part of the solution.”

The school organized a way to raise funds for the family, making it possible for community members to help the family.

“We decided we wanted to raise some cash for them and hopefully help them get another place to live and keep them in our neighborhood, because they’re an awesome family,” Amott said. “We wanted to help them anyway we could.”

Morales said she is grateful for the love and support she and her family have received from the community and that she cries to think they really care about her family.

“Our neighbors are amazing,” Morales said. “I tell my husband, ‘they’re angels.’”

Amott said the community has really shown support for the family, and many donations have been made.

“You hate to see somebody go through something like this where they lose literally everything,” Amott said. “You just imagine, ‘What if that was me? What if that was my family?’ You would hope people would be willing to help out, and we just felt like this was a good chance for us to do something good for somebody.”

Community members can donate to help the family by dropping off cash or checks at Greenville Elementary’s front desk or make a donation online until May 17 at