The Utah Highway Patrol has confirmed that a dump truck fully loaded with asphalt lost its brakes as it exited Logan Canyon into Garden City on Tuesday afternoon and apparently damaged three storage bays located about 300 feet east of a busy intersection.

The driver and a passenger sustained minor injuries, Lt. Lee Perry said.

Tuesday’s incident took place just after 2:30 p.m., barely five days after an Alabama truck driver caused similar damage to the same bank of storage units.

A three-way stop at the intersection of U.S. Highway 89 and State Road 30 in Garden City marks the end of an 8% incline, with a long row of storage units located 300 feet to the east of the intersection, offering a slight buffer to the condos that are on the other side of the storage units.

According to Perry, the three storage bays damaged on Tuesday are located just north of the five bays that were damaged on Thursday last week.

A similar crash last fall killed a Nebraska man, seriously injured his co-driver and wiped out Pugstones Sporting, a popular sporting goods business also on the east side of the intersection.

That crash prompted local officials to reach out to the Utah Department of Transportation for solutions, but the concerns have grown exponentially, especially after the last two crashes, which both happened in the middle of the day during the tourist season.

Last week, UDOT spokesman Vic Saunders said the agency is looking into viable solutions that will meet the needs of this specific intersection, but he was unable to say when a brake check or some form of runaway truck ramp might be implemented. Twitter: amacavinta

Amy Macavinta is the crime reporter for The Herald Journal. She can be reached at