An off-duty firefighter who happened to be in the area came to the aid of two residents when he knocked on their door in the Country Manor subdivision Thursday afternoon and told them their two-story house was on fire.

According to Logan Fire Marshal Craig Humphreys, Casey Crockett was leaving the subdivision just after 3 p.m. when the fire at 55 Ballard Way was reported.

“He does a little bit of landscaping work when he is off-duty, so him and his son were down there doing some yardwork,” Humphreys said. “They were driving out of the subdivision and he noticed smoke coming out of the attic vents. So he stopped, told his son to call 911, and he went and knocked on the doors and alerted the occupants — two people were in the home at the time.”

The fire originated in an attic space above the garage, and while there were no flames visible when Crockett initially saw the smoke, when firefighters arrived a few minutes later flames were visible from the east end of the home. The fire had not yet burned through the roof.However, Humphreys said that changed in the time it took firefighters to get the hoses laid out and charged with water. Then, the roof collapsed.

“That fire was well on its way when we got there — it definitely had a good foothold when Casey found it,” Humphreys said.

Fire damage was contained to the attic area of the home on the east side of the home, although there was smoke and water damage that extended to the main floor of the home, Humphreys said.

While the family will not be able to live in the home until it is repaired, Humphreys said it appears repairable.

Humphreys will return to the home on Friday to complete the fire investigation and see if a cause can be identified. While many attic fires are linked to electrical issues, he has not positively made that determination.

Even with the diligent use of smoke detectors inside a residence, attic fires are particularly dangerous because they burn above the detectors and can burn from one end of the home to the other without being detected, he Twitter: amacavinta

Twitter: amacavinta

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