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State troopers are investigating the death of an adult male after he was involved in a crash on Valley View Highway on Friday night, but officials say the cause of death could potentially be a knife wound to the chest.

Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Lee Perry said it appears the driver was traveling westbound and ran off the road on the south side of the highway near the salvage yard.

Dispatch received word of the crash at about 7:45 p.m., and Logan police officers responded to the initial call. Officers broke a window to access the driver, who was unconscious at the time. According to Perry, medical personnel were not aware of the stab wound until they reached the hospital.

The man was pronounced dead soon after his arrival at Logan Regional Hospital.

While Logan City Police responded to the initial crash, it was just outside of their jurisdiction so the case was returned over to troopers later in the evening.

Troopers are securing the scene until officers from the State Bureau of Investigation can arrive.