fuel spill

Workers clean up a fuel spill at the intersection of 800 North and 1000 West in Logan on Wednesday morning. The spill happened after the trailer became separated from the truck rupturing a fuel tank. 

A traffic accident on Wednesday resulted in an estimated 45-gallon fuel spill.

Lt. Bret Randall of Logan City Police Department said the driver was westbound on 800 North, merging onto 1000 West, when the trailer dislodged from the truck. Doug Fullmer, assistant chief of operations for the Logan City Fire Department, said when the trailer detached, the landing gear of the trailer punctured the fuel tank, which began leaking next to a storm drain.

Fortunately, Fullmer said responders were able to quickly stabilize the accident and mitigate the spill with absorbent pads and booms. A cement cistern in the storm drain prevented the fuel from contaminating water, Fullmer said, and a specialty truck was called in to clean up the fuel from the cistern.

According to Fullmer, the driver estimated 45 gallons of fuel was lost.

Randall said the accident affected traffic for nearly an hour, and the driver was issued a citation.

There were no other vehicles involved in the accident and there were no injuries, Fullmer said.

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