nibley fire

Firefighters exit a home in Nibley that caught fire on Thursday night. The fire flared back up in the early morning hours, prompting a second response by fire crews.

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A Nibley house fire extinguished early New Year’s Eve reignited overnight, causing extensive damage but no reported injuries.

The fire at 580 W. 2700 South is being blamed on an outdoor cooking accident.

“The family was out cooking some chicken wings in a deep fryer. We believe that either a chunk of snow or a chunk of ice fell off the roof and the grease burst into flames, catching the back of the house on fire,” said Cache County Sheriff’s Lt. Mikelshan Bartschi. “Firefighters were able to put it out. However, later on that night it started back up, which is frequent with house fires, and the fire department came back in.”

The drama of the reignited blaze was reported by witnesses posting on the Herald Journal Facebook page just before 4 a.m.

“It’s back on fire,” wrote one witness, adding a sad-face emoji.

“It’s worse this time. I can see flames inside the house. … Pretty sure it’s a total loss this time,” wrote another.

The primary agency responding to the blaze was the Hyrum Fire Department, which could not be reached for comment New Year’s Day. Bartschi said no one was injured in the initial fire and no one was in the home when it flared back up.

Lizette Villegas put out a call for donations of clothing for the family on her Facebook page for the local Latino community, La Pulguita de Logan, and later updated that the need had been filled within hours. Donations to the family may be sent via the Venmo app to user $AlbertoFuentes76.