√ The Wellsville City Council will meet at 6 p.m. at 75 E. Main St. Agenda items include:

• Citizen input.

• Introduction of Miss Wellsville Royalty.

• Sam Winward-Business License.

• Scott Richards-Discuss bus service in Wellsville.

• Vicky Martker-Discuss water overage bill at Wellsville Post Office.

• Jed Willets-Discuss options of placing a train car on Wellsville City property as a historical site.

• Discuss and make decision on placing a 25 MPH speed limit Children at Play sign on 200 East.

• Discuss and make decision on placing a stop sign at 400 North and 200 East for North bound traffic.

• Discuss Wellsville City participation in the 4300 South road project.

• Annual State of the City financial condition presented by the City Manager.

• Review, discuss, and possibly approve the 2018/2019 tentative budgets for the General Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Water Fund, and Storm Water Fund for all operating and capital budgets.

• Department reports

• City Manager/Recorders report.


√ The Hyde Park Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 7 p.m. at 290 N. 100 West. Agenda items include:

• Building permit report.

• AK Real Estate LLC, 1041 East 50 North, home.

• AK Real Estate LLC, 1063 East 50 North, home.

• Blake Cameron, 704 East 450 North, solar install.

• Cameron Jensen, 745 East Bluff St, home.

• John McFarland, 770 East 600 North, addition of solar to existing home.

• Sierra Homes Construction, 675 North 800 East, home.

• Sierra Homes Construction, 698 North 800 East, home.

• City council report, Mark Hurd. Report on City Council meeting held May 8, 2019.

• Public hearing- commercial subdivision preliminary plat (administrative)- Hold a public hearing for a Commercial Subdivision Preliminary Plat submitted by Jon White for one 1.2 acre parcel and a 16.1 acre remainder parcel at 580 West 60 North in a commercial zone. Parcel ID: 04-031-0002. See HPC Code 13.30.030 and DRC/LUA Minutes from May 1 and May 9, 2019.

• Consider commercial subdivision preliminary plant (administrative)- Review the Commercial Subdivision Preliminary Plat as described above before recommending to City Council.

• Commercial building design review (administrative) Review the building design submitted by BRHS Holding LLC for a 12,000+ square foot building on 1.2 acres at 580 West 60 North in a commercial zone. The building would be leased to Bear River Head Start for 10 years.

Parcel ID: 04-031-0002 (to be subdivided as described above). See HPC Code 12.170.090 and DRC/LUA Minutes from May 1 and May 9, 2019.

• Create new PUD subdivision housing option without an age restriction (legislative)- Create a new ordinance allowing PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) without age restriction. This housing would benefit many households, including those with moderate income. This new ordinance would be similar to the current Senior PUD ordinance, but with all publicly owned infrastructure, and no reference to age. See HPC code 12.150 Senior Citizen Housing Planned Unit Development. Also see other Cache Valley cities’ ordinances.

• Zoning (legislative)- Current ordinance references a ‘penny arcade’ and a ‘circus’ but not a ‘warehouse’ regarding allowable uses. Consider updating code to reflect current trends. Review Industrial, Commercial, Planned Professional and Residential zones. See HPC code section 12 Land Use and Development.

√ The North Logan City Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. at 475 E. 2500 North. Agenda items include:

• Follow-up on issues from previous meetings.

• 6:35 — 6:45 Public Hearing to receive public input on proposed revisions to the Master Fee Schedule regarding Water Rates. Tiered Water Rate increases are required to meet the costs associated with water treatment, storage and distribution. Following the public hearing, approval of a resolution may be considered to adopt the proposed revisions to the Master Fee Schedule.

• 6:45 — 7:20 Interview of Candidates for the vacancy on City Council. Once the interviews have been conducted the City Council may appoint an individual to fill the vacancy on the City Council.

• 7:20 — 7:35 Consider approval of a Concept Plan for the Westview Subdivision for twenty three (23) lots in the SF6 zone per City Center Code 12C-1063.05. The property is located at approximately 400 East and 2150 North.

• 7:35 — 7:45 Consider a resolution appointing temporary judges to the Justice Court.

• 7:45 — 7:55 Consider approval of an Interlocal Agreement for Justice Court Services (North Logan, Hyde Park, and Smithfield Justice Courts).

• 7:55 — 8:05 Consider awarding the bid to provide road reconstruction services in the Johnson Park Subdivision.

• 8:05 — 8:15 Discussion of recommendations and direction regarding the potential implementation of a Disproportionate Business License Fee.

• 8:15 — 8:25 Discussion of draft agreement with Jack Nixon regarding parcel 04-060-0035.

• 8:25 — 8:35 Discussion of proposed changes to the enforcement and penalties portion of Title 16 — Animal Control and Regulations.

• 8:35 — 8:50 Reports from city officers, boards, and committees.

• 8:50 — 9:05 Executive Session (Closed) to discuss litigation, potential real estate acquisitions and personnel issues.