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SMITHFIELD - The Smithfield City Police Department has disclosed partial records from an internal investigation regarding the recent death of a dog in the city's custody.

According to documents, obtained by The Herald Journal, former animal control officer Brady Robbins forged records after disposing of the body of a Labrador dog that died without care in the city's temporary outdoor animal holding facility over the last weekend of June.

Robbins forgot to transfer the dog to an impound facility after picking it up Thursday, June 23, and found the animal dead Monday, June 27, when he returned to his duties.

"Fearing repercussion from the city and public, and having not been in this situation before I inserted a supplemental that read I had taken the dog to Cache Humane Society when the animal was actually deceased," he wrote in his narrative.

The officer resigned after his superiors were informed by residents who witnessed him finding the dog.

After disposing of the animal's carcass, Robbins entered a log that read: "I, Officer Robbins, had taken the dog to Cache Humane Society. The animal has been adopted by Cache Humane Society."

He later said he forgot the animal in the kennel because he was helping Sgt. Travis Allen with other tasks, including moving police department records to the city's new police building.

While some details of the investigation were made public, the police department refused to release other records, including Allen's summary of the investigation.

The officials said those records were "private" and would not comment on why only some part of the investigation was public.

The results of the investigation were transferred to the city prosecutor's office for a "review." Prosecutor Kelly Smith was unavailable to discuss the case when contacted Thursday.

Sgt. Allen and Chief Johnny McCoy have not returned calls from The Herald Journal since the initial publication of the incident. When reached Thursday afternoon, McCoy refused to discuss why the rest of the paperwork regarding the investigation was not released.

The intent of the prosecutor's review also remains unclear.



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