Garden harvests and the closing hunting season typically lead to an increased interest in freezers this time of year, but due to COVID-19-related shortages, freezers — and nearly every other major appliance — are in short supply.

While the economy in Utah has taken a big hit this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are rolling along at Northrop Grumman Corp. — so much so that the company is looking to fill more than 600 open positions across Utah, including in Box Elder County.

After 94 years in Logan an 44 years at the Cache Valley Mall, the local JCPenney store is closing its doors.

At a time when information about COVID-19 cases is being closely guarded by government, businesses and individuals, Angie’s Restaurant owner Saboor Sahely is opting for openness.

With state guidelines easing slightly, starting on Friday restaurants will be able to start opening their dining rooms to the public again. However, it may look a little different for each restaurant, and many people may still opt for takeout or delivery options.

Unlike previous years, there were no long lines at Valley Recycling on Friday or the West Campus at Bridgerland Technical College.

Cache Valley’s largest private employer, Conservice, is in the process of transferring its entire 2,000-employee staff to home work stations as a coronavirus precaution measure.

In response to a state-mandated deadline for restaurants and bars to close their dining areas, many Cache Valley restaurants are binding together in the Cache Valley Local Restaurant Cooperative.

When it comes to bringing comfort to a chaotic situation, finding peace and quiet for abuse victims to share their stories, and providing access to multiple services in one location, the Children’s Justice Center and Victim Services have had their hands full to the point where a new facility…

After 44 years of providing coffee to Cache Valley and beyond, Caffe Ibis co-founder and owner Sally Sears announced in an interview she has sold the cafe and coffee roasting company. Finalized on Jan. 1, the business was purchased by longtime Caffe Ibis employee and current CFO Lesa Wilson.

After nearly 20 years, local golf professional and Utah State University alumnus Tom B. Davidson has returned to Cache Valley to open Victory Golfworks — a business intended to help improve a player’s golf game and develop new players in Cache Valley.

Even with a fresh layer of snow covering the roads, hundreds of people made their way to local fitness clubs and gyms with a new, resolute determination on Wednesday morning. Local trainers and gym owners prepared for the influx of patrons at the beginning of the new year by gathering some t…

The co-owner of the upcoming Logan location of the restaurant chain Culver’s says this isn’t just another fast food joint.

In an effort to help employees receive a more consistent income, Caffe Ibis eliminated tipping in exchange for increased menu prices and wages earlier this year. Despite challenges other businesses have reportedly faced when trying to implement this model, cafe staff say the change is working well.

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