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After nearly a decade of providing funeral services to the area, Cache Valley Mortuary is operating under new ownership.

“We started this eight years ago from scratch, but I’ve been a funeral director now for about 35 years,” said former Cache Valley Mortuary owner and funeral director Kim Godfrey. “And the reason that we’ve kind of sold this is because I’m ready to start retiring and back off.”

Godfrey said he initially opened the mortuary with partners Richard Johnson and Arvin Hanson. Godfrey said the business moved to their most recent location — at 80 W. 4200 North in Hyde Park — in 2016, where they also built a cremation center. Hanson passed away a year later.

“It was always his dream to open one here in Cache Valley,” Godfrey said. “So, after 35 years, I’m ready to back off. I’m not totally going to get out, but I’m just going to back off big time — for now.”

Godfrey’s role will be taken over by managing funeral director Brad Heugly, who is also the manager at Nelson Funeral Home. Heugly, who was involved in the purchase of the mortuary, confirmed the financial backing for the purchase came from the locally owned Allan-Hall Mortuary.

Heugly said Cache Valley Mortuary will mostly remain the same — same employees, same business model and the same brand — but with Heugly running the operation. Heugly said he was initially introduced to the funeral home business “mowing lawns and cleaning cars” for Allen-Hall Mortuary and has since graduated from Arapahoe Community College with a degree in mortuary science. He has been a licensed funeral director for nine years.

“I absolutely love what I do. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world, honestly. It’s very rewarding work to be able to help people out in a very difficult time,” Heugly said. “That’s where I find my reward, and how I’m able to get through the difficult days, is just knowing that I’m helping people.”

For Allen-Hall owners and funeral directors Jason and Jase Allen, the decision to purchase Cache Valley Mortuary largely had to do with the growing their business — as is the wont of all businesses, Jason said — and the mortuary’s cremation center. In the past, Jason explained Allen-Hall had an affiliation with cremation outfits in Ogden and Salt Lake City which facilitated that service.

“We felt it was kind of time to get our own cremation facility,” Jason said, explaining they were looking to equip one of their other locations with cremation equipment, “and then this came along.”

In addition to the Allen-Hall Mortuary locations, Jase explained they also own Nelson Funeral Home locations in the area as well as Cache Valley Monuments. He said there are still other mortuaries outside of Allen-Hall’s ownership in Cache Valley and Preston, Tremonton and Brigham City.

“There’s plenty of options outside of what we own,” Jase said. “We’re just trying to expand our offerings. … We could offer cremation, but not here. And so it’s just more expanding what we can do for Cache Valley.”

Jase also confirmed Cache Valley Mortuary’s name and staff will remain the same, as well as the business model built by Godfrey.

“We admire and respect what Kim Godfrey built at Cache Valley Mortuary,” Jase said.

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