center street construction

The basement of the Bluebird Candy Factory is exposed during the Center Street construction project as seen on Monday.

Construction workers excavate basement under Bluebird Candy Co.

Since construction on Center Street in Logan began on Aug. 5, construction workers have been excavating some relics from yesteryear. Along with railroad spikes and tracks from Logan’s historic trolley system, workers recently shook the dirt off an old basement under the Bluebird Candy Company.

“We didn’t find it,” said Tom Dickinson, the assistant city engineer. “We actually knew it was there.”

Up until excavation, the sidewalk was being being supported by large slate rocks, while basement extended underneath. Dickinson said there are a similar basements around town in historic areas — many buildings used to have basements extending beneath the sidewalk and several still do.

Although it’s difficult to see from the current walking paths around Center Street, pictures reveal what appear to be windows that have been blocked in. Unsure of the history of the building, Dickinson did say the bricks are telling when estimating the age of the basement.

“It had to have happened some time ago because the bricks are an unfired clay brick,” Dickinson said, explaining that modern bricks are baked and therefore harder with a glaze on the outside. “It predates my experience in construction.”

Dickinson said there may have been a bowling alley in the west section of the building and possibly a saloon, but these stories are unsubstantiated. But what he finds particularly interesting about the Bluebird Candy Company is that it used to be two buildings separated by a small alleyway.

“The building was, somehow, constructed to encompass that whole thing,” Dickinson said. “It’s pretty neat if you get down there.”

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