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Regional promotional group Dairy West is launching a program to supply needy people in Utah and Idaho with food that would otherwise go to waste due to the coronavirus.

Dairy West’s Curds + Kindness program will take milk and turn it into products like butter an cheese rather than disposing of it, then partner with food banks and schools to get it to people who need it.

“Dairy farmers want to get dairy foods into the homes of those who need them most,” stated Kristi Spence, Dairy West’s senior vice president of marketing, in a press release. “Because much of our local dairy foods are used in restaurants, schools and hotels, current restrictions have caused a milk surplus.

The program hopes to redirect nearly 200,000 gallons of milk a week so it isn’t disposed with the program.

Dairy processing plants, which convert milk into dairy products, will transform milk into cheese, butter and other needed dairy foods, instead of discarding the excess.

Curds + Kindness will continue at least through the end of May.

“Through a collaboration with Utah and Idaho food banks and some local school districts, dairy products will be made available at existing sites across the two states that we serve,” Spence stated.

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