divvy up

Ella Montierth looks at toys at The Divvy Up sale on Friday at the Cache County Fairgrounds.

Saturday is the final day of the Divvy Up children’s consignment sale at the Cache County Fairgrounds in Logan.

“The Divvy Up was started to help moms and families sell their children’s old stuff and swap it out with the stuff other people no longer need,” said Mindy Anhder, the owner and coordinator of the event.

The consignment sale happens in the spring and in the fall, running from Wednesday to Saturday. The final day of the event runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and everything will be half off.

“It’s so cool to have an event like this because my newborn grows so quickly that it’s almost pointless buying new clothes when he will just outgrow them in a few weeks,” said Alicia Bair, a first-time mom shopping at the event with her son, Aideyn, on Friday.

“If only I could get diapers this cheap,” Bair said.

Anhder said that she is the mother of five children and recognized that her kids were always growing and needed new stuff.

“Now the Divvy Up donates over 10,000 items at the end of the event to charities,” Anhder said. “We also let consignors choose elementary schools that they’d like to donate too.”

This is Anhder’s 21st sale in just over 10 years, and from books to toys, clothes, movies and other child essentials, the sale has a variety of secondhand items.

The sale is designed to be both convenient and thrifty for sellers and buyers alike. The Divvy Up provides an automated system online for consignors to price their own items. Consignors then deliver the items to the Fairgrounds to be sold.

“It’s a lot less work than a garage sale because we have a team to help,” Anhder said. “People don’t try and haggle you because everything is convenient and in one place in an organized and clean building.”

Items can either be picked up or donated by consignors.

Anyone interested in becoming a consignor can register online at www.thedivvyup.com.

The Divvy Up children’s consignment sale will return to the Cache County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and go until Oct. 5.