This week, Juniper Systems, a Cache Valley company that specializes in rugged handheld devices for businesses, moved into a new building off 10th West to better accommodate the growth it is experiencing.

“Our new building holds double the capacity and we have had double-digit growth in 2018,” said Jackson Murphy, Juniper’s marketing and communication specialist.

Recently Utah company Amelicor chose Juniper’s tablets to run their software, which they say is changing the dairy management industry.

“We wanted to create a whole new experience for dairy herdsmen to track everything needed to feed cows,” stated Steven Smith, Amelicor’s executive manager, in a press release last month.

With one of Juniper’s tablets, the Mesa 2, herdsmen have the technology to withstand wet and snowy conditions as well as extreme heat. The tablet can register a gloved finger.

“We design our products with the customer and their business in mind,” said Jeff Delatore, project manager for Juniper Systems.

Delatore said that Juniper works on identifying niche markets and solving niche problems.

This year, Juniper is expected to release its Allegro 3 and Archer 3 rugged handheld devices, which are new launches of each respective model. Delatore said that the Allegro 3 will have a faster processor, upgraded memory capacity and 4G LTE capability. The Archer 3 has more RAM and double the flash storage.

“Our customers are blue-collar workers and engineers who are working all day, typically with data collection,” Delatore said. “The devices we make have to withstand water and heat. The display needs to be seen even in the sunlight, and it has to survive being dropped on concrete.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nathan Holman said that Juniper is unique because most of its competitors build their products outside of the United States.

“Our products are local to Utah and local to the U.S.,” Holman said. “We have a close relationship and collaborative partnership with the business who use our tablets.”

Holman said that it is the company’s goal to help the community understand what Juniper does and how it helps tech leaders and businessmen right here in Cache Valley.

Juniper will be inviting partners to tour their new location in May.

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