This promotional image from Vooray shows some of the company's bags.

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Vooray, a company headquartered in Cache Valley, is launching a sustainable bag collection this summer.

Lexis Fonnesbeck, Vooray’s collaborations and affiliate director, said the launch will be in June.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” Fonneseck said of the Eco-Conscious collection, which features three styles of bags made from recycled water bottles and three styles made of cotton.

“For the recycled line, we just took recycled water bottles and made bags from them and the exterior of the bag and the lining of the bag are made out of 100% recycled water bottles,” Fonnesbeck said.

For the cotton line, Fonnesbeck said no chemicals are used or produced, and the cotton will last longer and be more sustainable that way.

“We really hope people who may not be as eco-conscious as an activist can still find something to maintain sustainability in their individual level of sustainability,” she said.

If these two collections go well, Fonnesbeck said Vooray may continue to do similar collections to work toward a better future.

Another way Vooray practices sustainability is through Go-To Pouches, which are small wallets made from excess fabric from bags.

Vooray, located at its new office off of U.S. Highway 89 at 1155 W. 2200 South, was founded by the Rigby family in 2010. Fonnesbeck said the family still lives near Logan and has a great relationship with the Cache Valley community.

Vooray primarily focuses on fitness and athletic bags, including duffel bags, backpacks, crossbody bags and accessories that all have “an athletic vibe.”

Fonnesbeck said the company values functionality, design and performance.

“A lot of people love our bags because typically gym bags are just plain black with a white logo on them,” she said. “Ours come with really fun patterns and colors and they look different than anything else on the market.”

Vooray also values fairness, Fonnesbeck said, by offering unique and fun patterns and low prices, with all bags being less than $100. She said the prices are low, but the quality of the bags are comparable to more expensive brands.

After the COVID-19 pandemic started, Fonnesbeck said the company had to shift their demographic from just being the top choice for fitness enthusiasts, since customers weren’t able to go to the gym for months. Vooray now has other collections of bags that can be used for more casual activities, such as their Lexi collection that features more high-end-looking bags.

“We hope that the people who have been here from the beginning, who had a Vooray bag for fitness, can now also find a bag for going to work or school or going to the grocery store, day-to-day things,” she said. “We hope they can find a bag for all aspects of their life that are still that same high quality functional bag that they love, and it’s going to give them an opportunity to use Vooray in all aspects of their life and always have that fun athletic feel to them.”

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