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Doug Thompson watches as Dave Kosmatka hits the ball at Victory Golfworks on Monday in Logan.

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After nearly 20 years, local golf professional and Utah State University alumnus Tom B. Davidson has returned to Cache Valley to open Victory Golfworks — a business intended to help improve a player’s golf game and develop new players in Cache Valley.

Officially opening on Dec. 13, the new facility is home a retail golf shop, two Trackman golf simulators and a 1,400 square-foot artificial putting green, as well as lessons from Davidson.

The putting green allows for a wide range of putting practice, Davidson said, in a climate-controlled environment. The $50,000 putting green features contours built from rigid foam and top-dressed with sand. Davidson said it took nearly a month to install.

“It’s much like the real thing,” Davidson said. “If not, maybe, a little better.”

Davidson’s golf studio offers golf club fitting and repair, But what differentiates the shop from others is its Trackman golf simulator. Using the simulator a golfer can play nine holes in nearly an hour — about half the time of playing at a golf course. The simulator incorporates Doppler radar to track upward of 30 metrics for the user, including ball flight, launch angle, spin rate and overall motion. It also records video of the golfer’s swing for a later review of mechanics.

“Once you understand those numbers, it is really, really easy to start making adjustments,” Davidson said. “The numbers do not lie.”

Davidson said many of the best players in the world don’t practice without their Trackman these days.

“To be honest, I don’t know why an avid player would want to practice on anything else,” Davidson said. “The information that these machines give you really shortens the learning curve.”

Davidson said he spent hours in his youth at the driving range hypothesizing why the golf ball behaved the way it did in various situations. He said these simulators obviate the need for such practice today. He said the machines tell the golfer exactly what’s happening with their mechanics and are accurate within a single yard.

“Literally, in one of these, I could accomplish 20 years of that practice in a few days,” Davidson said.

Born and raised in Cache Valley, Davidson spent his youth at Birch Creek Golf Course where he was given a job at age 11. Davidson became the head professional at Birch Creek after graduating from USU in 1988. While he has been an assistant coach at the University of Wyoming, Davidson said he’s always thoroughly enjoyed coaching.

“I just really, really loved it,” Davidson said.

After a period of time in Coeur D’alene, Idaho, Davidson returned to Cache Valley. He said building an indoor golf studio seems to be the future of golf, especially in a place with a usually intense winter season.

“This place is home to me,” Davidson said. “The valley’s changed a lot in the last 20 years, since I’ve been here, but a lot of it is for the good — there’s a lot of really good things happening as far as golf goes in Cache Valley.”

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