Paint a Tank

The two types of models that can be sumbitted for the Paint a Tank competition are vehicles and monstrous creatures, which are both represented in the Warhammer 40K game.

Miniature model enthusiasts had the opportunity to put their assembling and painting skills to the test this month for Toad and Tricycle Games’ “Paint a Tank December 2018 Painting Challenge and Event.”

The monthlong community event is composed of two parts: the painting competition and the multiplayer tank battle.

Sean Yeates, a sales associate at Toad and Tricycle Games, said the competition and event were an attempt to bring the community together after the holidays.

Miniature wargaming or tabletop miniature gaming involve players simulating battles between opposing troops, usually represented by models, said Toad and Tricycle Games Owner Kevin Larsen.

“There’s a ton of different game systems that you could use and models associated with those game systems for the rules and stuff,” Larsen said.

All models submitted for the painting competition are from the “Warhammer 40,000” line since it is one of the more popular wargaming systems.

“In [Warhammer 40K], they have probably about … 30 years of novels coming out, worldbuilding and the miniatures as well,” Yeates said. “That kind of history and world draws a lot of people into it, and the models themselves are pretty nice-looking too.”

Participants had to assemble and paint their own model to submit for the competition, Larsen said.

“It’s kind of a crazy hobby because you’re buying unassembled and unpainted miniatures,” Larsen said. “You put them together, you paint them, and then you use them for the games.”

Models submitted for the painting contest can participate in the multiplayer battle where the rules of the Warhammer 40K game will be in use.

Larsen said in Cache Valley and Logan there seems to be a lot of interest in the assembling and painting, but many do not play the game.

“People still want to play the game, but for whatever reason … it’s a little harder to get people in to actually play,” Larsen said. “So, we were just trying to kind of maybe bridge that gap … from the hobby side and trying to bring people in to play and kind of get to know each other.”

The winner of the paint competition will receive a gift card, and the participants of the battle will have the chance to participate in a raffle to win another gift card. All the models will be on display at the store for the month of January.

Toad and Tricycle Games Sales Associate Asa Evans said the hope is this event will be the first of a series the shop will host, but not all the events will be competitive.

“Being competitive is great, but sometimes it’s nice to come somewhere and … know that you’re going to have fun,” Evans said. “That’s what we’re trying to create, is come here, have fun.”

Larsen invites anyone who is interested in learning more about miniature wargaming to come into the shop and watch a game to better grasp the concept.

“It’s somewhat of a monetary investment and a time investment,” Larsen said. “We have a lot of people willing to do demo games, so that would be my recommendation, or even just have them … come in and hang out and … watch a game. Watch someone play, and see if it’s something they’re actually interested in.”

The shop also hosts a painting night on Thursdays where the shop provides paint and brushes for customers to paint their own models.

The multiplayer battle will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday at the shop, 77 N. Main St., in Logan.