Leah Appel makes a drink at Jitters, which is now located inside Johnny O’s, on Thursday.

Almost nine months after closing its doors, Logan coffee shop Jitters is teaming up with another local company to bring back its brewed beverages, which have been a favorite for many since 2004.

“Coffee and doughnuts, it’s like the perfect marriage,” said Leah Appel, owner of Jitters.

Appel was invited to join another business, doughnut shop Johnny O’s Sputnuts, to replace its previous coffee provider, Caffe Ibis.

“I think this change is going to be great,” said Mandi Westenskow, who manages Johnny O’s in Logan. “It’s a different coffee that, unlike Caffe Ibis, isn’t readily available at other locations. We are all excited about being able to partner with each other.”

The partnership comes after Wasatch Development Company purchased the land where Jitters previously resided.

“Back in April they gave us a two-month notice but there was a delay in the sale so our last day in the old location was actually July 30,” Appel said.

Even though the doors closed at the old location at 514 S. Main Street, Appel let customers know that they hadn’t seen the last of their bubblegum smoothies and white zombie coffees.

“We are in the process of securing our next location,” Appel wrote on Facebook in July 2018. “Just a rumor but there is a location we are actively working on. We will let you know the details soon.”

Turns out, Appel was able to load up the Jitters brand, espresso machine and all, and travel one block down Main Street and over the Logan River to Johnny O’s in front of the Springhill Suites, also owned by Wasatch.

“It has always been a dream of mine to have a coffee shop where customers can sit down and enjoy their drinks,” Appel said. “Jonny O’s has provided that, and we can now offer something different on the coffee side of things.”

From January to March, Appel and Westenskow worked on joining forces.

“About 90 percent of our clients are regular customers, and we are excited to be able to offer them their favorite drinks again,” Appel said.

Jitters beverages can still be purchased from the drive-thru, and Appel said they are working on making the transition a smooth one, especially with mornings being a busy time of day for Johnny O’s.

“There have been changes and the staff is learning to perfect the drinks,” Appel said.

Some changes include a scaled-back menu. Cold beverages will now only come in two sizes while the hot beverages will still have four sizes. Appel also made the decision to remove the protein options and keep only the most popular choices.

Jitters opened inside Johnny O’s officially on Tuesday, March 26, and will be served with the trademarked Spudnut doughnuts daily, with limited hours on Sundays.

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