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The Logan Planning Commission will be having a public hearing on Jan. 13 to invite feedback for Costco design plans.

“They are looking for design compatibility feedback,” said Russ Holley, Logan Senior Planner. “At this point it’s design, layout, those types of things, that the planning commission is going to make a judgement on.”

Holley said those looking to speak against construction of the big box store have missed their chance because the public hearing took place during a Logan Municipal Council meeting months ago. This public hearing will be solely for design plans.

“Anybody can get up and talk,” Holley said, adding the feedback must be germane to the conversation. “If you get up and start talking about something irrelevant to the planning commission’s scope, they’ll probably limit those comments.”

The Costco is expected to be built at approximately 1160 North 1000 West in Logan. The store is envisioned as 160,500 square feet with a fuel station adjacent to 1000 West.

In order to approve or conditionally approve a conditional use permit, the following must be in compliance with Utah Code:


  • The proposed use is consistent with the allowable maximum densities of the underlying zone.


  • The proposed use is consistent with the requirements of the Land Development Code.


  • The use is compatible with surrounding land uses and will not interfere with the use and enjoyment of adjoining properties.


  • The site will be served by infrastructure having sufficient capacities to meet the service demands of the proposed use.


  • The proposed use is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood character as defined in Section 17.62.


  • The proposed access is consistent with Logan City access and roadway standards and Utah Department of Transportation requirements where applicable.


  • The conditional use is aimed at mitigating the possible negative impacts of excessive light, noise, and traffic.

Additionally, the current plan meets code requirements for lighting, landscaping, parking and height. Those within 300 feet of the building were informed and comments have been solicited from the appropriate departments.

The planning staff recommends the Planning Commission conditionally approve a design review and conditional use permit for the Costco project. If approved, the project will have a year to get a building permit and start construction.

“You’ll likely see construction begin at some point in the future. The developer or the business or the owner set those schedules,” Holley said.

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