Amanda Warren and Dianna Poissant pose for a photo with ELITechGroup’s award for Clinical Company of the Year at the Scientists’ Choice Awards last month in Anaheim, California.

It may be surprising that a Paris-based business with operation sites around the globe would choose Logan as its operations base in the United States, but ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems and Solutions of Logan is gaining international recognition.

In August, ELITechGroup won two SelectScience awards at the 71st Annual AACC Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, California, the largest meeting of clinical scientists and industry leaders in the world.

“I don’t think that a lot of people in the valley don’t know about us,” said Amanda Warren, ELITechGroup director of marketing and business development. “It is quite phenomenal that a company like ours is located in the valley that gets so much recognition worldwide and manufactures some of the world’s most reliable laboratory devices.”

In 2007, ELITechGroup bought Wescor, a company started in Logan. Since then, the ELITechGroup has continued to develop, manufacture and maintain the medical devices started by Wescor that aid in diagnosing diseases by testing tissue samples taken from the body.

Warren said that the Logan subsidiary mainly produces three categories of medical devices.

The first category involves sweat induction and collection, for which their latest model, the MacroductAdvanced, won the Runner-up prize for “Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Device of 2018” awarded by SelectScience.

SelectScience is an international independent online publishing company that features science technology, current research and peer reviews on products.

Some diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, can only be diagnosed by testing concentrations of chloride and sodium in sweat samples collected from infants. Warren said that machines prior to ELITechGroup’s devices required at least 75 microliters, 30 minutes or more of uncomfortable collection procedures, and much more risk of inaccuracy because doctors had to guess at the amounts of sweat collected — all of which can cause great stress to families and physicians.

ELITechGroup’s device only requires 15 microliters and has visual guidelines for physicians so that doctors no longer have to estimate the correct amounts acquired.

Warren said that their sweat collection devices have also been endorsed by the U.S. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because the equipment fits small limbs, causes the least amount of discomfort possible for the least amount of time, and gets the most accurate results.

“Prior to our devices,” Warren explained, “doctors would stop the tests collect the sweat and sometimes realize they didn’t have enough sweat and have to do it all over again.”

Warren said that some of the largest labs in the world, such as ARUP in Salt Lake City, utilize the second line of devices ELITechGroup produces: stainers used to diagnose diseases via microscopes and slides.

“When a doctor takes a sample of anything from the body such as blood or urine,” Warren said, “it has to be viewed under a microscope for diagnosis. Our stainers put the specimens onto the slide and help highlight the differences.”

The third category of devices that ELITechGroup produces is osmometers, which measure the osmotic pressure of body fluids and help diagnose such problems as kidney disorders.

ELITechGroup also received SelectScience’s “Reviewer’s Choice Clinical Company of the Year” award for the highest positive practitioner and scientist reviews of their products and services. Warren said that SelectScience has a network of over 2 million scientists and medical professionals who are able to vote on this award.

“It is a repository of expert opinions of scientists and medical practitioners from all over the world that come together to share their expertise and to rate products they are using,” Warren said.

In August, Warren traveled to Anaheim to showcase ELITechGroup’s devices as one of the 800 exhibitors at the Annual AACC Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo and to receive the awards presented to ELITechGroup by SelectScience.

Commenting on the award itself and her experience at the expo, Warren said, “Wow! This is an amazing recognition and well-deserved. This was the biggest recognition and honor that we have received from them so far. … People in the industry from all over the world attend this expo. It’s the world’s largest exposition for clinical laboratory science, products and services in the world.”

Warren encourages community members to learn about ELITechGroup in Logan, located at 1700 South, and its employment opportunities. Though it already employs over 100 people, Warren says it is growing.

“Logan needs to pay attention to ELITechGroup and be part of what we’re doing,” Warren said. “We are focused on innovation and that requires different and new skills to do that. … Come check out our career opportunities.”

More information can be found on ELITechGroup’s website, www.elitechgroup.com, or by calling (435) 752-6011

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