Logan Village Inn

The Village Inn restaurant at 1633 N. Main St. in Logan will close at the end of the day Sunday after 25 years of operation.

The Village Inn restaurant in Logan is shutting its doors for good.

News of the closing was circulated via Facebook on Wednesday by employees who said they had just been given notice that they would be out of their jobs by the end of the week.

The long-time owner of the Village Inn property at 1633 N. Main St, listed on county records as VI Radco Corporation of Logan, did not return a phone call from The Herald Journal, nor did the Village Inn parent company, Blue Ribbon Holdings of Nashville, Tennessee. However, an employee answering the phone at Village Inn on Friday morning confirmed that Sunday would be the restaurant’s final day of operation.

The employee said the restaurant was sold last week, and official notice of the closure was given to employees on Wednesday.

The Village Inn restaurant at 1633 N. Main was built in 1993 and underwent at least two remodels, according to Cache County records. Although the restaurant has reportedly been sold, the county recorder’s office said Friday that the property is still under the ownership of VI Radco Corporation of Logan.

Logan Community Development Director Mike Desimone said he knows of no current plans to redevelop the property.

Dozens of Village Inn locations around the country ceased operations in 2008 after their then-parent company, VICORP, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. About a year later, VICORP was sold out of bankruptcy to Blue Ribbon Holdings, which operates close to 700 restaurants under the brands of Village Inn, O’Charley’s, Bakers Square and others.

It is not immediately known how many jobs will be lost in the Logan closure, but according to the company-information database Buzzfile, the local restaurant employs approximately 60 people.

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