With the opening of a new business on Main Street, Logan has welcomed a fast-growing pastime: hatchet throwing.

Heber Hatchets at 775 N. Main St. opened its doors Dec. 14 and is the newest location for the new but already expanding company.

Heber Hatchets was first established in July 2018 in Heber City and has since added locations in Provo and Logan. Travis Wilcox said hatchet throwing is a fun activity that can be done with family and friends.

“It’s basically a place for groups, families, you know, companies to come in and do team-building activities. But you would come in and get two lanes, which is a bay, and you’d come in for an hour or two hours and … we would teach you how to throw,” Wilcox said. “You’re throwing hatchets at targets. We teach you some games. You play games. You can have a little tournament and just have some fun together.”

Although ax throwing might intimidate some people, Heber Hatchet staff assures the public it is simple, safe and fun. Wilcox said first-time attendees are trained on how to safely throw hatchets.

“Most people that come in have never thrown axes before, you know. They don’t know anything about it, they’ve never done it, they’ve heard about it, they think it looks fun or they just want to try it out,” Wilcox said. “We bring them in, we take them through a little safety talk, and then we train them how to throw, and we take each person and step them through it and let them practice. We want everyone to have a good experience and (succeed) sticking the ax in the target.”

To ensure the safety of customers, closed-toed shoes are required, and ax throwers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes.

“Clothing-wise, they can wear whatever,” said Aiden Jensen, the store manager at Heber Hatchets Logan. “The biggest thing is to make sure they are wearing closed-toed shoes.”

Although smaller groups may come, Wilcox encourages groups of four or larger to participate in ax throwing because it increases the fun and competitiveness of the games taught at Heber Hatchets.

“It’s fun to kind of have the competition, you know, to play games against each other,” Wilcox said. “I think it’s always a little more fun when you have more people and can kind of have the banter between each other and all that type of thing.”

The venue provides chalkboards for scorekeeping for the various games the staff teaches the groups. Groups can also participate in a mini-tournament among themselves and can find the throwing champion of the night.

Jordan Israelsen, a student at Utah State University, said he enjoyed the experience that Heber Hatchets provided for his group.

“For Cache Valley, it was something that was really new,” Israelsen said. “It’s a very good time, easy to learn, and the employees were very friendly. You could tell they really enjoyed working there, and they helped the environment.”

Although Heber Hatchets tries to make the activity family friendly, the minimum recommended age for ax throwing is 12 years old, and parents of any participant under 18 have to sign a waiver for them.

“That’s the biggest thing I’ve seen is some high school students have come in, and we have had to turn them away because their parents weren’t there with them,” Jensen said.

Parents can download the waiver from the Heber Hatchets website, sign it and give it to their child to give to the staff at Heber Hatchets, or they can sign at the location.

Heber Hatchets in Logan hopes to help with corporate events or team building, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday parties, family reunions and other group activities.

“Definitely give it a try. Go with your friends, your family. I think everyone can do it and have a good time with it,” Israelsen said. “You can keep going back because there’s a lot of different things you can do there, a lot of different things you can play.”

For more information on Heber Hatchets visit www.heberhatchets.com.

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