Ah-sigh-ee, a cafe serving acai bowls and smoothies, will open Sept. 12 on Center Street in Logan.

“I really think Logan could use a place like this, that’s more of a healthy alternative to food,” said Austin Jensen, co-owner of Ah-sigh-ee.

According to Austin Jensen and fellow co-owner Gabriella Cale, both 19-year-olds from Logan, the only sweetener used in their recipes will be fruit juice, and customers will be able to opt for unsweetened versions as well.

“We hope to grow our Logan location by supporting the active and healthy communities that exist in Logan,” wrote Branden Jensen, Austin Jensen’s father and a business adviser at Ah-sigh-ee, in an email. “Whether that is the many yoga and cross fit studios, the local high school athletics and dance teams, or just anyone looking for a wholesome & delicious meal.”

According to Cale, she and Austin Jensen have worked hard to make the storefront a place where Logan residents can relax and enjoy a reprieve from daily life.

“We were really wanting to create an environment that was really airy and clean and friendly,” Cale said. “Kind of a vacation away from home … We want to make everyone and anyone feel comfortable in this space.”

The couple developed their business idea while traveling abroad after Cale graduated from Green Canyon High School and Austin Jensen from Logan High School in 2018. They worked with the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms organization, a group that facilitates home-stays on organic farms around the world.

They first set off to Portugal, then Italy. They planted mint, painted tables, picked olives, and built yurts at a yoga retreat in exchange for room and board.

Finally they arrived at Bondi Beach, Australia. There they served acai bowls at a cafe and lived right by the ocean, fulfilling a lifelong dream of Austin Jensen’s.

“Turns out I don’t love it as much as I thought I would,” Austin Jensen said. “I kind of love the snow and the mountains.”

Cale and Austin Jensen were taken aback by just how fresh the produce they used at the cafe was and how few ingredients the acai bowls contained.

“They were familiar with açaí and açaí bowls before leaving Utah, but it was in Australia that they saw many stand alone açaí shops,” Branden Jensen wrote. “They have always valued healthy eating and active lifestyles and this was a perfect fit for them. These stand alone açaí shops, whether on the beach or in town, were always busy and refreshing.”

As part of the City of Logan’s Center Street redevelopment project, the road is currently closed, although businesses are still open to pedestrians.

“Maybe we were a little silly for opening during construction, but we’ll make it work,” Cale said. “It’s OK, we can laugh at ourselves.”

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