New clinic

Medical Director Eric Barker gives a tour of Intermountain Healthcare’s new DaySpring Logan Clinic on Wednesday morning.

Opioid treatment programs will become more accessible to Cache County residents with the opening of a new clinic in Logan.

“As far as we are aware, Logan is the largest metropolitan area in the state that does not have easy access to an opioid treatment program,” said Eric Barker, the medical director of the new DaySpring Clinic Logan.

DaySpring is the Intermountain Healthcare program to help individuals experiencing addiction. The center opening in Logan is unique because it will offer both general addiction services and opioid treatment programs.

“It is the first opioid treatment program that Intermountain has opened,” Barker said. “With them being the largest health care provider in the state, it really is a step forward.”

The program at the clinic is federally certified and will offer the full range of treatments for opioid addiction, including medical screening, counseling and medication, Barker said. Social, vocational and education rehabilitation are also offered.

“We use evidence-based treatments that are proven successful as well as stay on the cutting edge with new developments,” said Andrew Wallace, one of the clinic’s substance use disorder counselors.

Barker said bringing all of these resources together under one roof helps provide services at a lower cost. The longer a patient attends treatment, the less time and resources they will likely need from the clinic.

However, Barker said, they are charged a flat rate throughout their treatment to help keep the beginning costs lower.

Barker also said that Medicaid can be used for treatment and that more insurance companies, including SelectHealth, are covering the costs. He also said Medicare will start covering the costs later this year.

Before the Logan clinic was built, Barker said individuals needing treatment had to drive to Ogden. The more intensive programs required individuals to attend the clinic six days a week.

Josiah Smith, the clinic’s program director, said he’s seen a lot of people for whom travel was a big barrier to getting treatment.

Smith said the clinic will also benefit Idaho patients who had been driving to Ogden as well.

Scientifically, Barker said the medical assisted treatment the clinic is able to offer significantly reduces the risk of overdose death for individuals.

However, Smith said, it is important to know it is just one piece of the recovery process.

“The medication isn’t the treatment,” Smith said. “The medication allows them to focus on the treatment, which is the counseling and the face-to-face.”

The DaySpring Logan Clinic is located at 550 E. 1400 North, Suite T, Logan. The clinic is currently accepting transfer patients to the opioid treatment program and will begin accepting new opioid treatment patients April 16.

Call (435)716-1320 or visit for more information.