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The Revolve recycling facility in Logan closed its doors last week.

In an email to The Herald Journal, Alex Bearnson, the owner of Revolve, wrote: “Due to certain circumstances, we made a difficult decision to cease operations at Revolve.”

Bearnson declined to comment further. When asked about what would be done with the material already collected at the facility, Bearnson did not provide an answer.

Issa Hamud, the Logan city environmental director, said Logan was unable to drop off materials at the facility on Friday because the gate was locked, but declined further comment on the matter.

Nathaniel Collier was employed as a sorter at Revolve for about two months until he was laid off on Friday. He said earlier in the week he and other employees had been read a letter informing them that the plant would be closing.

The only reasoning he heard was that Logan city was increasing the prices they were charging for recycling, making it harder for Revolve to compete.

Collier said as far as he knows, all employees were laid off on Friday.

Revolve opened in 2016 in an attempt to divert material from the landfill. Since the facility’s opening, there has been controversy surrounding how and where materials have been stored on the company’s property, and other environmental complaints were also filed against the business.

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