sterling urgent care 02

Sterling Urgent Care is open in Richmond.

Residents on the north end of Cache County may now have another option when it comes to medical care with the opening of a new urgent-care clinic.

Sterling Urgent Care opened the doors to its new location Dec. 10 at 700 S. U.S. Highway 91 in Richmond.

The growing health care company has eight functioning clinics in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. The new Richmond location is the third serving Cache Valley residents and the third clinic opened by Sterling this year.

Sterling Urgent Care Marketing Communication Director Matti Bates said this location was a smaller clinic than the other locations, but it still offers an onsite X-ray machine, urgent care, occupational care and can provide lab services.

A unique aspect of Sterling is the membership program the company offer its patients. The program is not an insurance plan but an attempt to make health care accessible and affordable to everyone.

“Our membership program’s definitely something that is very unique about Sterling,” Bates said. “I think it’s really what’s been able to help us grow as much as we have as quickly as we have.”

The membership program monthly fee is $50 for individuals and $100 for families of up to four member with $10 per additional child.

A member who goes to the clinic every day of the month won’t have additional fees for basic medical treatment. There are some fees beyond the basics, such as $15 for X-rays and in-house medical lab tests, as well as $25 for durable medical equipment, Bates said.

“It really helps health care become accessible and affordable where it’s not for a lot of people,” Bates said. “We see people who don’t have insurance getting the membership program. We see people with high-deductible plans getting memberships; that way they can actually, you know, be seen without having to constantly chip away at their insurance deductible.”

For those who aren’t members, Sterling accepts most major insurance companies and accepts cash payments.

“We’re really just trying to, you know, create health care with the people in mind,” Bates said, “making it as accessible and affordable for them and also offering them great service. We really pride ourselves in keeping our wait times low and really going above and beyond and trying to make sure we can help our patients as much as possible.”