herm's inn bike night

Greg Ankruk rides his motorcycle to Herm’s Inn for dinner during Bike Night last week.

Summer event at Herm’s Inn brings bikers together

In an effort to bring local bikers together to “talk shop,” one Cache Valley man has revived Bike Night at Herm’s Inn.

“There is something magical about riding a motorcycle on your own,” Matt Logan said. “However, when you have a bike and you only ever ride it alone, it is awesome to connect with other people that ride, no matter what they ride, and just talk about their bike. There is an instant connection made with like-minded folks.”

Logan attended the first iteration of Bike Night at Herm’s Inn when it was occurring several years ago. The event fizzled out over time, but Logan wanted to bring it back. He reached out to Herm’s Inn and with the help of the restaurant’s owner and manager, they started up Bike Night 2.0 at the beginning of the summer.

“We are finding that there are a lot of people who really love it who are coming out. I think it is cool that Matt has revived it,” said Andrea Steffes, the restaurant’s general manager.

The event began in June and for the most part, it has been held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. The plan is to continue the event through September and possibly October if the weather is nice.

Bike Night is free and open to the public. Food is provided at the event at no cost to attendees, but Logan said people are encouraged to tip if possible because it helps with some of the event’s expenses.

Karli Olson met Logan earlier this year when the two participated in the motorcycle escort for Lizzy Shelley’s funeral. She has been attending the Bike Night throughout the summer and enjoys meeting new people.

“I really like being able to meet people whom I wouldn’t meet otherwise in the biker community,” Olson said. “We pass bikes all the time on the road and give them a wave and camaraderie in that way, but we don’t know who they are under the helmet.”

Olson also runs the local chapter of the national female bikers group the Litas. According to Olson, Bike Night has helped her connect with women who are interested in joining her group.

As the summer winds down, Logan is hopeful the event will continue for years to come. The next Bike night this summer will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 12 at Herm’s Inn, 1435 Canyon Road, Logan.

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