Sweet Scrolls

Owners Juan and Colette Navarro work at Sweet Scrolls in Logan on Oct. 3. The ice cream shop recently expanded to include The Salad Bowl.

Though scrolled ice cream and salads weren’t even their original business plan, Sweet Scrolls and The Salad Bowl owners Juan and Colette Navarro have already been approached about franchising in Salt Lake City, New Mexico and California.

“We are still so new that I don't want to grow too fast because that can be detrimental,” Colette Navarro said. “At the right time, we'll probably do some franchising or maybe start another store and get this one really developed and then sell it and keep franchising that way.”

Navarro had originally wanted to open a cookie business. When other cookie businesses began opening in the valley around the same time she was developing her own plan, she went in search of a new one.

In February of 2017, Navarro’s daughter came across a YouTube video of a business in Thailand where a cream liquid base was frozen onto a minus-20-degree plate, mixed with add-ins, and then scraped off the plate into a scroll form. The Navarro family’s new business plan was born.

After weeks of renovations, which included adding barn wood, chicken coop windows and orchard ladders from her great-grandfather Roskelley’s Smithfield farm, Sweet Scrolls officially opened in June of 2017 at 473 S. Main in Logan.

“I realized that there was nothing like this scroll ice cream in the valley,” Navarro said. “We make our ice cream fresh at the shop and the base is our own original recipe. … It took about two to three months and lots of friends and family guinea pigs to finally get this product right.”

Ever business-minded, Navarro began noticing that many restaurants were running secondary “virtual restaurants” from their existing locations where customers could order menu items online and have them home-delivered. Wanting to create something similar and offer more than just dessert to her customers, Navarro began looking for a way to expand her menu.

“I thought about doing salads years ago. … I like a good salad,” Navarro said. “Plus, there’s places in town that have good salads or there are some salad bars, but there’s not a place that specializes in salads.”

On Sept. 24, the Navarros opened The Salad Bowl within Sweet Scrolls and they developed nine freshly-made salads. All of the dressings are homemade, and two of the dressings — the “Secret Strawberry” and “Southwest Lime” dressings — are Colette’s original recipes.

“Doing a virtual restaurant was our initial plan,” Navarro said, “but I decided to offer it to the public instead. We have the space, and the peak hours for ice cream are usually in the evening so I thought salads would be great for lunch or early dinners for people. Eventually, I think we will do delivery as well.”

Navarro said that opening her own business has always been her dream and that all of her previous work and education experience has helped prepare her for this. Navarro graduated from the University of Phoenix in marketing and management. She has also worked as a restaurant manager, insurance agent, billing manager, and employee trainer for such companies as 1st Security Bank and Conservice.

Navarro said that starting a business from scratch is much harder than buying a franchise that trains new owners. The Navarros often work 50-70 hour weeks, but she has been surprised how much the business has brought their family together and how much it has taught their children.

“We opened this for our kids, too,” Navarro said. “We've got teenagers. We wanted them to learn how to work, and what it takes to run a business. … It's not just the hours that you are open. You do inventory, payroll, employee meetings and trainings and cleaning. We also wanted our children to have Sundays off.”

Navarro said social media feedback has also added an unexpected challenge.

“That's really hard when you have poured your guts and blood and tears and sweat into something and worked 100 hours a week for over a month to get it open,” Navarro said.

Navarro said she's now able to handle the criticism better.

“I now feel like — unless you're an expert in my field or done what I've done,” Navarro said, “I'm not going to listen to you. It's your opinion and that's OK. Not everyone is going to love us; we have plenty of people who do.”

Navarro said that the community has overall been very supportive and they have received some very helpful feedback as well. The Navarros also believe in giving back to the community. Every Thursday they select from emails that are sent in about someone and present that person a free ice cream or lunch.

“This helps people think outside of themselves.” Navarro said. “We've all had times where life is difficult and we can't help the way we want or somebody just needs a boost.”

The Navarros also welcome flavor suggestions for “Wacky Wednesday” ice-cream. Flavors they've already done include jalapeno and soy sauce.

“The soy sauce was actually delicious,” Navarro said. “I would make myself a soy sauce ice cream again. It tasted kind of like a caramel.”

As for the future, the Navarros are not done inventing their business. They plan to add soup and rolls and “Kid Boxes” with sandwiches to the menu within the next few months.

Sweet Scrolls and The Salad Bowl hours have expanded. They are now open M-Th 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 11:30 am–10 pm. Friday-Saturday. For more info, call (435)213-3053 or visit http://sweetscrolls.biz.

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