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With multiple locations throughout Utah, BBQ Pitstop is working to make Logan their newest home.

“The community is fantastic, the people are amazing,” said Pitstop Regional Manager Brian Adams. “I just think it’s a great place to be.”

Adams said the business specializes in smokers and grills, meat rubs, sauces, various accessories as well as providing an environment to help people learn the craft of barbecue.

“We want it to be a one-stop shop to where they get expert advice,” Adams said.

Though not a restaurant, Adams said part of the new business’s vision is to employ a butcher at the Logan location — one that would not only provide “high-end, quality meat” to Cache Valley locals, but the business’s other locations as well. Adams said Pitstop stores currently sell meat products, but none have a butcher onsite.

Logan customers “will get a wow-factor,” Adams said. “I think it will be very well supported and received.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Adams said the business also offered regular cooking classes at its Layton store — a tradition Adams would like to see return when appropriate. For now, Adams said Pitstop is working on virtual classes and having knowledgeable employees to help customers through daunting cooking processes.

“Our Logan store should be big enough to where we can have some classes,” Adams said, but explained management is still waiting to see how classes will look post-COVID. “We really love to have them in the store.”

The growing popularity of pellet grills has been a boon to the industry, Adams said. During the pandemic, Adams said many people — some who had never cooked before — were staying home, cooking and sharing meals with their families.

“Families were cooking and eating together again,” Adams said. “In our business, our customers just grew and we developed a friendship and a relationship with them.”

For Adams, a retired Ogden firefighter who’s mother sparked his affection for barbecue, seeing people embracing barbecue makes him reflect on the “old days” — barbecuing every weekend with his family and friends.

“It seems like we’ve gotten so busy in our lives that we got away from that,” Adams said. “Then all the sudden COVID comes in and resets us a little bit, and so we’re seeing more of that.”

Though unwilling to officially disclose the new businesses location, Adams said he was “about 90 percent sure” the deal would go through and be finalized in a matter of days; the business has also begun seeking applicants for a managerial position in Logan. If all goes as planned, Adams said the shop would be up and running in a matter of months.

“If not, we’re going to come back up and look for another location,” Adams said.

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