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A local junk hauling business is aiming to keep veteran unemployment rates low.

Kristopher Liford is the owner of Logan’s JDog Junk Removal & Hauling. He served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years in Washington, Virginia, Louisiana and California.

He said he discovered JDog through advertising on GI Jobs, a program that helps veterans find employment. From there, he reached out through contacting information on JDog’s website.

Liford said the Logan territory is just one of over 200 locations across the United States that are all veteran- and military-family-owned.

Liford said the company first started in 2011 as a result of the 2008 economic recession.

“The owners living in Philadelphia kind of started it out of desperation for a job,” he said. “They started advertising to neighbors and friends, and it took off from there.”

Liford said JDog will take “pretty much anything,” including yard cleanup, cleaning out basements and attics, construction site cleanup, carpet and drywall removal, light demolition and single item pickup.

At a job on Monday, Liford said they cleaned up the yard of a property.

“It was a lot of grass stuff, branches, scrap wood, scrap metal, a few tires, general waste material. I guess he moved in a little while ago and is just trying to clean up what was left from the original owner,” he said.

Liford said the military experience that he and his fellow veterans have gives them a unique set of skills and makes the work they do for JDog stand out.

“It gives us a passion for what we do when the end result is helping people, whether it’s safety or helping a population get out of trouble,” he said. “I think, in a general sense, it gives us a passion to complete the job in a successful way so the people who hired us or the people it affects, they get the most positive outcome.”

Liford said one of JDog’s founding missions is to get veteran unemployment below 1% and said working with JDog is “a great way to keep a handful of veterans employed.”

“JDog has a very sustainable business model,” he said. “At the bottom of it, we’re helping our friends and neighbors with things that have stressed them out for a period of time. That’s pretty much our customer base, people saying, ‘I need help getting rid of this stuff.’ So we’re able to come almost at a moment’s notice, sort through and remove these things.”

In addition to helping people, Liford said the company also aims to help the environment by avoiding putting junk in the landfill when possible.

He said 60-80% of the junk they remove stays out of landfills.

“It’s recycled or donated or repurposed in some way,” he said. “We try to find everything a new home. We’re constantly looking for new outlets of companies or places that will take these items for recycling purposes.”

Liford said veterans who are interested in employment with JDog should reach out at or call (844)438-5364.

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