WinCo Foods plans to renovate the old Shopko building in Logan.

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It’s a car wash! A new credit union! Trader Joe’s! Costco! No, wait: “It’s a mini-Target with a car wash attached,” joked Mike DeSimone at the Logan City Council Meeting on Tuesday.

With several large stores vacant in Logan and North Logan, rumors for big-name stores coming to fill the void have run wild, especially since word escaped of the long-anticipated In-N-Out Burger coming to town.

However, the exciting prospects of new retail chains growing across town are slated to stay just that: rumors.

There is one exception, according to officials: WinCo Foods will be occupying the former Shopko building at 1205 N. Main Street.

“They’re in the building permit process,” said DeSimone, Logan’s community development director. “Once they pull permits, I’m assuming they’re going to start actual interior remodel work within the next couple of months.”

Logan Economic Developer Kirk Jensen said the change will “have a significant impact” on the area.

“Those once-dark buildings are now becoming alive and vibrant, and that adds a lot of energy, obviously, to the businesses in that surrounding area,” he said. “It just makes that whole Main and 14th North corridor and Logan that much stronger and vibrant. So that’s obviously a plus from the community development side of things, but also in terms of revenues for the city property or sales taxes.”

The former Kmart building has been under scrutiny since it became vacant nearly five years ago. Some have speculated the local C-A-L Ranch store, currently in the Cache Valley Mall, is planning on moving to the North Logan building.

The local manager “cannot confirm or deny that,” but Spencer Burt, North Logan’s community development director, said the city has received no building permit or new business license applications for the location.

Others have speculated the 1750 N. Main site would be considered by Target for a Cache County location.

“I wish, I really wish,” Burt said. “We’ve gotten no applications or anything yet, and no word from Realtors. I would love that, but no word.”

Still others have claimed the former Logan location of Macey’s at 49 E. 400 North (which had previously been an Albertsons) has been eyed by Target for one of the corporation’s “small-format stores” housed in college towns.

“Our team tailors each new store with specially curated product assortments and experiences designed to serve the students and staff, as well as local professionals and residents of the surrounding community. It’s part of our plan to open more of our small-formats in areas where a full-size Target wouldn’t fit, to offer easy and inspiring shopping experiences for new guests across the country,” states a Target public relations blog post last updated June 25, 2019.

If it were true, Logan would be the second Utah location for one of the mini-versions, focusing on groceries and school supplies, after the Provo location, near Brigham Young University.

Officials, however, are pleading the Fifth on whether this could actually come to fruition.

“I can’t confirm or deny anything,” DeSimone said. “We’ve heard the same thing, but there’s nothing that’s pending before us yet.”

When asked by Council Member Tom Jensen about the former Nyla’s Chevron gas station at 398 N. Main Street, he joked about the prospect of a credit union or “mini-Target,” but said, “We just have rumors. So we’ll just wait till we get a formal application.”

But then again, WinCo and In-N-Out coming to Logan started as rumors, too.

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