Group trying to start program for young entrepreneurs

In an effort to help children who want to start businesses, a small group of community members gathered at Steven-Henager College on Tuesday evening.

A Utah State University student who began running his own businesses when he was in elementary school presented on how this evolved into his cookie company, Bing Cookies. He shared the things he wished he had known then, like understanding the amount of money getting a business running can take.

Next, a local accountant explained important tax information parents and kids need to understand as they start their endeavor, including at what point they need to file taxes on the money the children are making and the options they have for doing that.

Throughout these presentations, Malerie Magnusson and her mother Georgia asked and answered questions that related back to the business Malerie recently began — Malerie’s Marvelous Banners.

Tuesday’s presentation is the beginning of something that Sharilee Griffiths, the founder of My Discovery Destination, is hoping will take off as a way to support young entrepreneurs throughout the valley.

“Today’s youth are absolutely incredible. And once they start using what they have, that is going to benefit the entire community,” Griffiths said.

The KIDpreneurs program, as Griffiths and her team are calling it, is something they began developing earlier this year. They were ready and excited to get it started, but the team member in charge had to move out of state unexpectedly and there isn’t another person who can step up and fill the role, which is now delaying some of their plans.

According to Griffiths, there is a plan in place for the program, she’s just looking for the right person who is willing to volunteer and execute it.

“We really want to provide resources and support for our little KIDpreneurs and be able to help them as they build their businesses,” Griffiths said.

Starting this program is important to Griffiths because she believes it will help children make the community a better place and it will bring families together, which is the mission of My Discovery Destination.

Georgia said the aspect of working together is one of the things she loves about Malerie’s business.

“It has given us a purpose of something we can accomplish together. She couldn’t do the whole entire business by herself, so it is something that we have to work on together in order to accomplish,” Georgia said.

Malerie and Georgia began working on the banner business last summer after they attended a kids’ market.

“I thought, ‘Maybe I could have like a little, small booth to sell stuff,’” Malerie said.

After looking online, the two saw some decorative banners and thought they could make a similar product to sell but at a lower price.

Malerie’s creations feature cardstock shapes with seasonal designs on them that have been sewn together. She and her mom said they can be great for decorating small spaces, like a cubicle or office.

Both Malerie and Georgia said making and selling her own product has helped Malerie become more confident.

“She is growing,” Georgia said.

This outcome is what Griffiths is hoping for as she works to get the program to continue. She said she’s hoping to encourage kids to keep trying when they fail rather than walk away.

“I would love for us to support a change in mindset where they start thinking, ‘What could I do to make that better?’” Griffiths said.

There are no upcoming KIDprenuer events planned as of right now since Griffiths is still looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in helping with the program, contact Griffiths at (435)770-0748.