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Logan?s Child & Family Support Center is currently unable to house victims of child abuse at its 24-hour shelter, as funds to run the facility have been depleted for the first time in the organization?s 25-year history.

BThere have been so many children staying in our shelter that we?ve run out of funding to be able to pay staff members to be there with them,C said Esterlee Molyneux, the center?s executive director.

Other services offered by the center such as classes for children and parents, workshops and 24-hour crisis and respite nursery care remain in operation, Molyneux said. A couple of fundraisers are planned for this month with hopes of bringing the shelter back online.

Meanwhile, the shelter at the Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA) in Logan 8 which focuses on spouse abuse and domestic violence 8 has been filled to capacity the last couple of weeks.

The Child & Family Support Center receives ,20,000 annually from the state?s Division of Child and Family Services, which contracts with the nonprofit to provide shelter care to children from Cache and Rich counties who are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. All of the current fiscal year?s allotment has been used, and the next installment won?t arrive until July.

Normally, the center can house up to eight children, ages 11 and younger, at a time. From October through December 2006, the organization sheltered more children than during the previous fiscal year, Molyneux said.

She added that Cache Valley is not immune to the problem of child abuse.

BI think a misconception that our community has is that child abuse is rare or maybe doesn?t occur in our valley … and that is not true,C she said. BWe have been inundated.C

Child abuse cases in Cache County are sometimes egregious, according to Molyneux.

BWe have parents that bring in their kids that don?t want them anymore,C she said. BNot too long ago, we had some kids in there that were forced to eat their own fecal matter because they were starving to death. We?ve had toddlers who have been sexually abused.C

But emotional abuse of children is also prevalent in Cache County, noted Jill Anderson, executive director of CAPSA.

Though the organization?s mission is not to combat child abuse directly, abused children often stay with parents at the shelter.

BIf they are there, they likely at least have experienced emotional abuse,C Anderson said.

While the Child & Family Support Center is currently unable to house child abuse victims, CAPSA?s shelter has been filled to capacity the last couple of weeks, forcing staff to make arrangements with shelters in Brigham City and Ogden.

In the last fiscal year, CAPSA sheltered nine men, 125 women and 169 children 8 substantial increases from five years earlier. For the 2000-01 fiscal year, the organization served one male, 76 women and 95 children.

BMany times, there is child abuse, along with spouse abuse, that?s happening,C Anderson said. BWe have seen, within the last year but more particularly within the last couple of months, the number of people coming forward for help is pushing our staff as well as our facilities to the limit.C



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